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  1. sigbergaudio

    Black or white grille on a white speaker?

    I was wondering if I could perhaps humbly do some simple market research. I am simply wondering whether the majority would prefer black or white fabric on the grille of white speakers? :oops::) Feel free to elaborate in the thread as well, and thank you in advance for sharing your opinion!
  2. sigbergaudio

    Sigberg Audio SBS.1 Active speakers prototype/build thread

    Thanks to everyone who have followed our other threads about the Inkognito subwoofer as well as the upcoming Sigberg Audio 10D At the moment we're also working on another, perhaps even more interesting product that we will present in this thread, and we will share measurements, pictures and...
  3. sigbergaudio

    Prototyping our new high-end dual opposing 10": Sigberg Audio 10D

    Some of you may have checked out our Inkognito series, aka "high-end design subwoofer" ( We're now looking at building our first "traditional" cube formed...
  4. sigbergaudio

    Interest poll: Active speakers (on-wall / regular bookshelf)

    We are currently building subwoofers only, but are looking into expanding into speakers to complement the subwoofers. The idea is to build active, high quality, high capacity speakers explicitly designed for use with subwoofers (they will roll off around 80hz). They will have the SPL capacity...
  5. sigbergaudio

    New power amplifier from XTZ about to be released

    The current XTZ A2-300 ICEPower based amplifier from XTZ is a great amplifier for its price, and apparently they're now about to release a big brother. Could be an interesting amp! :) Will update thread when more info is available.
  6. sigbergaudio

    Why aren't cinemas targeting sub 20hz response?

    I'm curious to hear opinions on how deep home theater / consumer subwoofers should dig? I'm looking at equipment from JBL Pro for small cinemas, and their 2x18" subwoofer naturally goes to 22hz at -10dB, and can achieve down to 22hz -3dB with external EQ. I'm pretty sure a properly setup...
  7. sigbergaudio

    Share your house curve (graph or numbers)

    I thought it could be interesting to see how people have dialed in the balance of their system. Both to share our individual preference but also get a bit of anecdotal evidence of what people prefer. If sharing a graph, quite a lot of smoothing (1/3 or 1/6) is probably good so we can easier see...
  8. sigbergaudio

    Panterri amplifier modules

    These looked interesting. Expensive, but interesting. I found nothing on the forum about these, so thought I'd hear if anyone had any experience with them? They have DIY kits as well. Note: I have no affiliation with Panterri, just discovered them and were curious.
  9. sigbergaudio

    Sigberg Audio: Building a "design" subwoofer that actually sounds good

    @carlob mentioned that my subwoofers looked interesting and suggested I created a thread to share a bit more information, including of course objective measurements. I'll start out with a more subjective / informative post to share a bit about the product and concept, then I'll add an additional...
  10. sigbergaudio

    Hypex stand-alone power amplifiers with DSP?

    Are anyone offering NCore power amplifiers with DSP? I'm looking for basically something similar to the Fusion series plate amplifiers from Hypex, but stand-alone, so Fusion-in-a-box. :) The use case is an external amplifier for DIY/prototype active speakers, preferrably 3-way. I could build...
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