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    Question about BJTs

    BJTs have nothing to do with the sound. Just a different kind of transistor.
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    Okto dac8 stereo DAC Review

    No, it can’t . You would need the Okto DAC8 pro version and a digital crossover like the MiniDSP SHD studio or nanodigi.
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    Can I use multiple stereo DACs instead of one multichannel DAC?

    I’d do the volume control upstream of the dac in the digital domain (I use a Yamaha wxc-50 for this). Also , do you really need 8 channels? If 4 is enough the minidsp SHD is a good solution.
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    Can I use multiple stereo DACs instead of one multichannel DAC?

    I do both, In my main system I use and Okto Dac8 pro 8-channel dac, in my living room system I use a nanodigi feeding two identical dacs. The main issue with multiple dacs is you need volume control upstream of the nanodigi (you might be able to use the nanodigi for volume control with the...
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    Anthem STR pre-amp

    I don't think you (or anyone) will hear a difference from the DAC but the room correction will result in a substantial improvement.
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    Revel F228Be Review (Speaker)

    Any idea why your Klippel measurement is showing just a depressed bass response vs revel's measurement and your nearfield measurement?
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    SVS SB-2000 Pro vs SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

    I think it's a matter of calibration so that we can compare between measurements done by different parties. Perhaps you can request a sub that has been tested elsewhere and see if the results can be duplicated or see if there is some kind of systematic offset in your mearurements? Thanks Wayne
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    SVS SB-2000 Pro vs SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

    Really surprised to see no follow up on this.
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    SUB + Stereo System

    1) this is a very suboptimal way to connect a sub as the overlap in frequencies will make it harder to achieve a flat response , as the speakers and the sub will likely constructively and destructively interfere at some frequencies 2) A lot of 2-channel equipment doesn't support bass management...
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    Desktop audio improvements

    What are your current speakers? Either way get them off the desk and tweeters at ear level.
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    Desktop audio improvements

    but speaker stands are more important. My Neumann KH120s sounded terrible directly on my desk but wonderful on desk stands.
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    Desktop audio improvements

    Biggest improvement would be speaker stands. After that Genelec 8030c's or Neumann KH120s.
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    strange SMSL M500 high 3rd harmonic

    any chance that you could check if the SMLS M300 mk II has this issue?
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    Choices of eq+cossover device that is as good as direct DAC to amp?

    I can BT stream, spotify connect, airplay, ect to the WXC-50 which I use for volume control.
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    Choices of eq+cossover device that is as good as direct DAC to amp?

    This is the solution that I'm using. Only problem is that it's a lot of boxes but I hide them behind books.
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    Choices of eq+cossover device that is as good as direct DAC to amp?

    An Anthem STR will work and it's great for HT integration and you can ditch the external DAC but it wont measure better than the MiniDSP SHD. Other options include a nanoDigi and 2 dacs, or if you want an analog crossover a used Ashly XR-1001 will work. It boggles my mind how there aren't good...
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    SVS SB-2000 Pro vs SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

    I'm surprised that there has not been follow up on the systematic offset when comparing these measurements to others. The following plots the CEA-2010-A ( 2m Peak SPL) at 20Hz vs price, the top circled SB3000 and SP2000Pro are Erins measurements, Also, circled are other SB 3000 measurements...
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    Morrow SP3 Review (Speaker Cable)

    Hmm, maybe you were measuring in the wrong direction ;) could you please flip them around and measure again to put this silly directional cable thread to rest?
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    Reciprocity in electrical networks

    So you are saying a broken cable can be directional . Maybe if it’s broken, might as well add some diodes or a transformer inline too. Anyway I doubt that even a crimped cable will show much difference when measured forward and reverse at audio frequencies. Would you care to demonstrate with...
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