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  1. August

    DAC with 130dB SINAD soon?

    Compared to them the ex5 only has a voltage drop, the distortion is almost nailed down, it's brilliant.
  2. August

    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    Please look forward to 'EX5' which will be listed next.
  3. August

    New Sabaj a10h a Worthy Topping L30 Competitor? Measurements from Wolf.
  4. August

    strange SMSL M500 high 3rd harmonic

    Maybe stm32 burner? Just like the way D5 does.
  5. August

    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    Why the dynamic range greatly exceeds that of the previously tested devices?Even more than the Okto dac8 stereo.
  6. August

    ASR Product of the year?

    L30&Okto DAC8
  7. August

    RAAL-requisite SR1a Ribbon Headphone Review

    Curious about the comparison between it and MYSPHERE 3.
  8. August

    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    John is too honest and people are too harsh on him.
  9. August

    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    One year ago @JohnYang1997 he claimed to challenge the best performance in the world at a very low price, and many people questioned him. Now he did it! Thank you very much @JohnYang1997 and look forward to more products in the future!
  10. August

    JDS Labs EL DAC II Review

    Disappointingly, it's not as good as el1 or the new atom DAC。why?:facepalm:
  11. August

    Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Review

    I have never been a subjectivist, and I believe that it is indistinguishable to perform abx testing under the same spl. The only difference is that the sp200 has a slight noise floor in high-gain mode, and the most sensitive IEM used by the a90 is difficult to detect. I am mainly attracted by...
  12. August

    Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Review

    a90 has arrived !!!:D
  13. August

    Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Review

    Live up to expectations!
  14. August

    Best closed headphone

    ķ371 or Aeon1
  15. August

    Sabaj D5 - Owners' Thread

    Try reinserting the cable? Make sure the blue side is facing down.
  16. August

    Sony NW-A105 Digital Audio Player Review

    Samsung s9 has quite good audio performance, it is better than s10, and it leads most DAP.
  17. August

    The most comfortable headphones: a) Open b) Closed

    Shp9500 is very comfortable in the cheap range.
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