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  1. danielmiessler

    High-end Active HiFi vs. Mid-tier Passive HiFi

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to build my first real system and have decided to go active instead of passive—largely because of you all here, so thank you. (Btw, you can listen to my recent interview with Amir here). What I'm looking at is the following: 2 x Genelec 8351B Monitors for Highs 2 x...
  2. danielmiessler

    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    Hey all, I'm looking for some subs to pair with a Genelec active-monitor-based HiFi system. I'm using Genelec 8351B's for left, right, (and center for HT), and am looking to get some really nice subs to go with them. I'm going to be running everything through the Storm MkII processor, which...
  3. danielmiessler

    An Interview with Amir on the Unsupervised Learning Podcast, Audiophile Industry Disruptor

    Hey all, Amir came on the Unsupervised Learning podcast on Wednesday and the conversation is now available. We talked about: His background His measurement approach The difference between traditional audiophiles and his approach How much different factors affect sound, e.g., recording, gear...
  4. danielmiessler

    Applying the Objective/Measurement Approach to Reverse Engineer the Ultimate Listening Experience

    I am new to ASR and have two questions—one specific and one general. What quality aspects, if any, within a digital or analog signal, determine the quality of experienced soundstage? Has anyone (mostly to @amirm) taken the cherished components of listening (clarity, stereo image, speaker...
  5. danielmiessler

    Using a dCS Bartók DAC and Roon With a Genelec SAM™ System (For Music and Home Theater)

    Hey all, ASR newbie here, and I'm SO glad I found you all. I was about to spend like $40K on amps and $20K on speakers, on top of the $15K I already spent on my DAC. And it's taken basically 48 hours for me to realize I should put that amp money into a full Genelec SAM™ setup instead. I'm...
  6. danielmiessler

    Amir vs. Abyss: The Battle We Need

    Hey all, new user and new almost-audiophile here. I'm a skeptically-distanced fan of Abyss. I love their videos. I like the family. They seem smart, knowledgable, and—most importantly—honest. I'm also somewhat biased since I have their AB 1266 TC headphones, and one of their super-expensive...
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