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  1. darmanastartes

    Round-up of small, battery USB DAC/Amp/Bluetooth receiver devices

    Qudelix posted some Audio Precision measurements for the 5K on their forum, would be interested in having them interpreted:
  2. darmanastartes

    Topping E30 Polarity discussion

    I only found out about the polarity issue today. I updated the firmware which is supposed to fix the issue on the USB input, and then spent some time flipping back and forth between the optical and USB inputs into the same pair of speakers. I couldn't hear any difference between the two.
  3. darmanastartes

    Vanatoo Transparent Zero Speaker Review

    As a T0 owner, I would love to see it measured in flat mode. It would also be really interesting to have its onboard DAC measured.
  4. darmanastartes

    Topping E30 DAC Review

    Is the E30 still using its DAC in preamp mode? I have mine hooked up to my TV with an optical cable and I want to confirm it's not just passing the TV's DAC sgnal through.
  5. darmanastartes

    Earstudio HUD100 Portable Headphone DAC & Amp Review

    @amirm could you test in DCT mode? (the middle setting) I would like to see what impact, if any, Radsone's "proprietary advanced dithering" tech has on the measurements.
  6. darmanastartes

    MEIZU Hifi Pro USB-C Phone Dongle DAC Review

    Without having to trick it using UAPP?
  7. darmanastartes

    MEIZU Hifi Pro USB-C Phone Dongle DAC Review

    Does it output full volume on Android?
  8. darmanastartes

    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    I used the Apple Dongle (US version) with my Pixel 3 today and it seems like there's a lot more volume on tap than there was the last time I used it. I used to have to max out my volume control to get a barely adequate listening volume, but now max volume is uncomfortably loud. Tested with...
  9. darmanastartes

    New Aune S6 Pro

    I saw someone on Reddit post this morning that they'd gotten this DAC/AMP, which was the first I'd heard of it. Searching Aliexpress lead me to these...
  10. darmanastartes

    Radsone ES100 vs Fiio BTR1K: measurements interpretation request

    I was wondering if anyone could compare and interpret measurements of the Radsone ES100 and the Fiio BTR1K for me. I'm trying to decide if the ES100 is worth spending double the price of the BTR1K, especially given that I have no interest in making a significant investment in balanced cables. I...
  11. darmanastartes

    FAT sounds best

    I notice less EMI noise with C-States turned off.
  12. darmanastartes

    Review and Measurements of Topping D10 DAC

    Hi! I was wondering if the D10 would represent a significant upgrade from the DAC in the JDS Labs Element (some measurements here). I really only listen to music in 16/44.1.
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