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  1. fordiebianco

    Noob question around balanced vs unbalanced

    Dear All, bought a Hilidac BEAM2SE on recommendation from this forum (not sure what this place has cost me so far in new gear...), just to find out that ShenzhenAudio is unfortunately out of stock. They offered me the 2S instead, which I accepted. Unfortunately just found out that the 2S has...
  2. fordiebianco

    Floorstanding Mid-Fi Speaker Recommendation with high WAF

    Dear All, I am looking for some advice/recommendations for some new floorstanders for my living room. My poor spouse, bless her, had to live with various iterations of large glossy black boxes in her favourite room for some time, and as we are soon moving into a new home, she has agreed to a...
  3. fordiebianco

    Active speaker issues (Adam Audio TV5)

    Dear All, after the excellent review of the ADAM TV5s I acquired a pair for nearfield duty on my office desk, and indeed, they are lovely. Bit brighter than my LS50s who they are replacing, but certainly an inch more detailed. Chain: Mac Mini -> USB -> Loxjie D10 v2 -> RCA cables -> TV5 This...
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