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    D10s, piCorePlayer, Qobuz and Genelec interactions

    I think it can be made to work, but it may be more complicated than it initially seems. I think the D10s has volume control exposed over the USB interface, but I believe this only affects the analog outputs and not the digital. I also don't know if piCorePlayer will default to using the hardware...
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    Heads up: people's Plex servers being abused for DDoS attacks

    Short version: if your Plex server is exposed to the internet it may be being abused in Distributed Denial of Service attacks, and you need to check your configuration. For more details see...
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    Pi 4 Compute Module released, expansion board looks interesting

    The Pi 4 compute module has been released and could be interesting for DIY stuff. The IO board has all the connectors on one edge, as well as exposing the edge of a hat to the same side, so for many hat DACs the connectors will be on that edge. The compute module has options for wifi/bluetooth...
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    Digital simulation of 'euphonic' amps in hifi

    The Topping L30 thread got somewhat sidetracked around here. There are various tube simulation plugins as VSTs, LADSPA plugins and so on that try to dproduce the 'tube amp sound' as an effect. There are hardware devices from Kemper, Fractal Audio etc. that aim to recreate the sound of an amp...
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    Raspberry Pi as USB to I2S adapter

    One of the lesser known features of the Raspbery Pi Zero is that you can use its USB port in device mode with the various linux 'gadget' drivers. The audio gadget driver will make the Pi appear to be a USB audio interface when you plug it into a PC, streamer or whatever USB host, with certain...
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    Focusrite Forte in Linux (and a bit on the Scarletts)

    I've previously outlined how the Forte currently has essentially no controls in linux, how that stops it being usable as a measurement interface, and that I was trying to do something about it. I've now had enough success that I think it's worth sharing, at least for anyone who can cope with...
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