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  1. Rayman30

    FS: Balanced 4.4mm to 3.5MM (Arctic Cables)

    For sale is a Balanced 4.4mm to 3.5mm custom made cable from ArticCables, this works with most Hifiman products. Price - $50 shipped
  2. Rayman30

    FS: Topping D50S and A50S

    For sale is a lightly used Topping D50S DAC and Topping A50S Amp. Comes with all needed cables/adapters. Topping D50S - $190 Topping A50S - $180 Both - $340 Very lightly used and no issues at all, smoke free home, prices are firm, items are shipped USPS Priority which is included in the price.
  3. Rayman30

    Looking for a objectively good measuring closed back with mic.

    Usually at the office I use an HD-650 with JDS Labs Element 2 for music, but we just switched to a temporary office (very small) so the leakage from the open backs are a problem. Also, we have moved away from traditional phones are are using Skype to send and receive calls. So my current...
  4. Rayman30

    Is anyone else getting messages like this?

    First time I have gotten this type of spam here, is anyone getting these?
  5. Rayman30

    FS: JDS Labs Atom Stack (DAC+Amp)

    Selling my Atom stack, this is the original Atom Amp not the+. These are very lightly used, as I use my main stack far more often. I had someone do a hit and skip on my car, so I am trying to pay for the deductible :mad: so I need to sell this as a stack. This stack is very popular for a...
  6. Rayman30

    Hifiman Sundara vs. Ananda layman comparison.

    This is a non-scientific comparison between the Hifiman Sundara and Hifiman Ananda, without measuring equipment or proper volume matching, for the layperson who might have difficulty relating the measurements to real world listening experiences (aka me). I tried to listen at moderate volume on...
  7. Rayman30

    FS: Hifiman Sundara

    Very well taken care of pair of Hifiman Sundara for sale, I recently switched to the Ananda so these have become redundant. Comes with the headphones and a non-stock cable (As pictured) no original box. Price (Firm) - $260 shipped via USPS Priority with Insurance.
  8. Rayman30

    Which to use Low-Gain or High-Gain?

    I use high gain when using Sundara and HD650, I have a pair of Ananda on the way, my understanding is that they are far easier to drive then the aforementioned headphones. My question is, is it still best to drive the Ananda with High-Gain? at a lower volume level, or should I try and see if I...
  9. Rayman30

    Headphones for Industrial and Nu Metal

    Hey guys, I have been chomping at the bit for a new set of cans lately. I have 2 great sets (HD650 and Sundara) which I love, but I find myself listening to mostly non-rock and metal on them, despite the fact metal is one of my favorite genres. I am sensitive to treble on the Sundara and have...
  10. Rayman30

    Cheap 4.4mm balanced cable for HD650

    What is the most cost efficient way to get a balanced cable for my HD650? since its 4 conductor can it be easily modified? Thanks!
  11. Rayman30

    I am deciding between these 2 headphones (Ananda vs. LCD2)

    I currently have Sundara and HD-650, but I am eye balling the Ananda or LCD2, I value your guy's opinions on the matter. I listen to all types of music.
  12. Rayman30

    FS: Schiit Magni 3 Heresy with Power Supply

    For sale is a Schiit Magni 3 Heresy headphone amplifier with Power Supply. This unit was originally an RMA, but was sent back completely rebuilt with a new system board. This unit also has the red led power indictor which is missing from newer ones. $80 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  13. Rayman30

    Best amp for under $200

    I am in the market for a replacement headphone amp, my Schiit Heresy blew up so I am hesitant to buy another one, also hesitant to buy an L30 because of known defects, I would like something that is similar in power and measurements that will power planars and HD-650s. I am eye balling the JDS...
  14. Rayman30

    Unusual power issue with Schiit Heresy.

    So I plugged in something to the same power strip that the Heresy and D50s were plugged into, later on I go to use my headphones and I noticed they had a loud buzzing sound going through them, I felt the amp and it was HOT, I felt the DAC and it was also HOT, even the headphones were warm. I...
  15. Rayman30

    Good EQ software for iPad or MacBook M1

    I currently have an iPad Pro and I am considering getting a MacBook Air M1, but I need something similar to Equalizer APO so I can EQ my headphones to the Harmon Target. Does anyone know if there is anything for Ipad? id like to not have to buy the MacBook if I don't need to.
  16. Rayman30

    FS: Schiit Modi 3

    For sale is a well taken care of Modi 3 and a Magni 3+. Items are from a smoke free home. Schiit Modi 3 - $75 Shipped Schiit Magni3+ - SOLD Elsewhere
  17. Rayman30

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Closed Back

    For Sale: Audio-Technica ATH-M40X, clean and from a smoke free home. $70 shipped USPS Priority Mail These have just been sitting in my desk at work, they sound great! I just never use them, figured they could use a home with someone who appreciates them more. Comes with headphones, pleather...
  18. Rayman30

    Modi3+ with "Unison USB"

    Seen this today from an article on the web seems like its already available, uses the same AKM4490. My imediat thought was "Oh man, I need to upgrade my Modi3" but seeing it using the same chip, I am not sure if its worth bothering with... though I do have some crackling USB weirdness on bootup...
  19. Rayman30

    FS: Schiit Magni 3 Amp

    For sale is an excellent condition Schiit Magni 3 headphone amplifier, recently upgraded so I do not need it, still a very competent amp. Price is $70 shipped USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the US, PayPal preferred.
  20. Rayman30

    Schiit Heresy hot treble?

    So I was switching between A. Schiit Modi3 and Magni3 and B. Topping D50S and Schiit Heresy with my Sundara and HD-650, I noticed that I preferred the HD-650 on the Heresy but the Sundara on the Schiit Stack. Observations: HD-650 sounds better on the Heresy due to the combination of high...
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