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    Advice: Which DAC to get? Need balanced outputs, Optical/TOSLINK and a remote control.

    I’m looking for a DAC “pre-amp” to complement my new Hypex NC122MP based power amp. It needs to have balanced outputs, “pre-amp”, USB, optical/TOSLINK input and a remote to switch inputs and change volume. I plan to hook a Raspberry Pi for Tidal and my TV via Optical. I’m currently considering...
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    Experience with adding trigger input to Hypex NC122MP / NC252MP?

    I’ve gotten my hands on two NC122MP modules from a local private reseller. I plan to put them in Ghent audio cases and built up a new living room system. My question is if anyone has experience with adding trigger inputs to these modules (couldn't find it covered elsewhere on ASR)? As far as I...
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