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    Dual DA10004D Review (Car Amplifier)

    I have the cheap-and-cheerful little sibling to the V9, the PDR-V75, in my pickup truck. I had the V9 in a different car. Apples to oranges obviously, but subjectively, I can't tell the difference between them from a power and noise floor perspective even though the stats for the V75 are quite a...
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    How close can I get the sound of my vinyl setup to my digital setup

    Much of that "richness" and "sound stage" you're experiencing with your digital setup is a) good stereo separation and b) low distortion, neither of which the vinyl format inherently delivers. You can improve both to some extent, but that's largely down to your cartridge and the quality of your...
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    NHT C3 Review (3-way speaker)

    This looks pretty good, even uncorrected ... especially if you overlay the Harman curve instead. Have you tried correcting only to 500Hz?
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    Lavaudio DS600 Review (Stereo DAC)

    Agreed. By making a copy (and assuming that's what this is, and not a white box Topping rebrand), they don't have to bake the cost of R&D into their price. Topping's already taken the hit - the shyster can just ride on their coattails. Easy money.
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    Universal Audio Apollo X16 Review

    Effectively, yes, plus as an ADC and multichannel DAC for the music setup.
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    Universal Audio Apollo X16 Review

    The beautiful thing about a pro audio interface like this is its near complete flexibility. For example, you can arbitrarily route any number of inputs, irrespective of whether they're digital or analog, to any number of digital or analog outputs and vice versa; you can use the device as a clock...
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    Universal Audio Apollo X16 Review

    Though, for those of us with nightshade allergies, the output is likely to be highly distorted ...
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    +1. My HDI 3600s, which have vaguely similar low end response per Amir's Klippel measurements, have an F3 of ~27Hz in room running full range. Even my old LS50s, up on 30" stands, managed to hit mid 40s in this room before farting out. Now that I'm running those same LS50s near field in my...
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    Apollon Hypex NC2K Monoblock Amplifier Review

    Alas, we'd need 672,000 of these monoblocks to cleanly power a flux capacitor ...
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    Apollon Hypex NC2K Monoblock Amplifier Review

    This comment reminds me, I need to get my Nord NC500 back to Amir for a retest now that it's fronted by Neurochrome input buffers. In its original form (with the original Hypex eval input buffers), it was the DUT for his original NC500 test; its as-tested mid-power linearity didn't match Hypex...
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    Soncoz LA-QXD1 Toslink audio cut out issues with TV

    I'm also having this problem, using coax input from my MiniDSP SHD Studio. The sound cuts out more and more frequently over time; if you leave it for a few days, it won't work at all until you power cycle. I'm using the most current firmware (Max volume v410).
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    Topping DX7 Pro and miniDSP SHD Studio for Sale

    Sending you a PM re the SHD Studfio.
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    Steve Guttenberg - Audiophiliac

    Subliminal messages in the noise floor, perhaps?
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    Steve Guttenberg - Audiophiliac

    True, if you're Stereophile. And probably Cnet, which then begs the question about what in the hell ol' Stevie G is doing ...
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    New Class-D Amplifier From Panasonic: SU-R1000

    With high enough output levels, you could just grab the output terminals.
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    Add a subwoofer to Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers ?

    If you can get the phase/time alignment right using positioning, you might be able to get away with running the Arias full range and setting an LR4 lowpass on the sub at around 50-55Hz. You won't benefit from improved IM distortion or power handling, but the integration should be OK - the Arias...
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    JBL HDI-3600 Speaker Review

    A bit of an incomplete set of measurements (at least by ASR standards - it's still excellent overall), but initial eyeball, pretty similar to the 3600s, except with a port tuning of around 32Hz (down from 39Hz) and maybe 1dB of extra sensitivity (plus an extra 1dB or so worth of add'l power...
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    I, for one, think that's a *good* thing. I still have my hearing and don't need a bunch of distortion to compensate for it. Plus, as @T.M.Noble said above, Schiit is still going to cater to the hard-of-hearing anyway. We get well-engineered, transparent components that let us hear, full...
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    Yes. Adding to the complication, the silicon ecosystem is heavily fragmented, and it's nearly impossible for a end-product designer to specify a supply chain route with any level of granularity. Most silicon vendors are not vertically integrated; for a given bare IC, the design team, the...
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    Per the product page: Designed and Built in California By “designed and built in California" this is what we mean: the vast majority of the total production cost of Modius—chassis, boards, transformers, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our chassis are made minutes...
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