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  1. JeffS7444

    The wealth-building thread

    Got any good advice for building wealth from books or other sources, please share! Me: After years of neglecting my retirement accounts ("no time, too busy") I found myself unemployed at the end of 2019, so I had no more excuses for not tidying things up. By sheer dumb luck, I put my money into...
  2. JeffS7444

    Saudi animation on Netflix!

    I can't say that I've ever previously watched anything originating from Saudi Arabia before, let alone (adult) humor: Episode #1 is a gem, following the exploits of a clueless...
  3. JeffS7444

    Sound-absorbing Akoustos drywall screws

    I just found this courtesy of Gizmodo and assume that it's the real deal:
  4. JeffS7444

    Dolly Parton Saves The World

    Knew that she was awesome, but now we have proof:
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