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  1. Bombadil

    Anthem delays extended

    Just heard from my dealer (IQ Audio in Virginia) that the AVM90 is further delayed, expecting release in 1st quarter of next year. STR components also delayed and perhaps even discontinued. Difficulty in obtaining parts is cited as the primary problem. I've been waiting to update my AVM60...
  2. Bombadil

    SOLD!!!Benchmark AHB2 black; SOLD!!!

    Gone but not forgotten :)
  3. Bombadil

    Revel M126be sold

    Gone to Los Angeles, wonderful speakers, sad to see them go
  4. Bombadil

    AHB2 real world power output - enough?

    I have a number of these little devils and love them. Even if they weren't so well engineered I appreciate them for the size/weight factor. Like many of us I've wondered if 100 watts/channel is sufficient for my particular applications. Rory Rall at Benchmark told me i'd get about 20 db above...
  5. Bombadil

    Which method for equalizing HPs, Roon or EqualizerAPO/Peace?

    I'm moving slowly into headphones and would like to maximize their performance via EQ. I notice that Amir seems to use Roon for this purpose; is that a preferred method for someone just starting out?
  6. Bombadil

    LOTR/Hobbit 4k release

    Of course your experience will depend on your setup but on a 70 inch OLED and UB9000 player the new release is simply stunning. I had expected great image quality and it is truly amazing, much better than 1080 upsampled. The overall color palette of the movies is more consistent and you will...
  7. Bombadil

    SOLD: Revel C208

    Sold to fellow ASR member; $100 of proceeds sent to ASR in appreciation. Thanks Amir.
  8. Bombadil

    Revel F226be and C426be review on Audioholics

    James Larson does a very good job IMO of assessing these speakers. Results are excellent, very neutral, as expected with Revel. The C426be stands out as a superb center, albeit very large.
  9. Bombadil

    Upgrade advice

    Like some others I did not enjoy headphone listening nearly to the extent of speakers. And although I still much prefer speakers I purchased a pair of 660S and the DX7Pro and the combo is really enjoyable. I wouldn't bother with headphones at all except that my wife does not see the point of...
  10. Bombadil

    15% off on Topping

    I've just seen it on Amazon but it might be elsewhere.
  11. Bombadil

    Would this work?

    I'm trying to like headphones and plan to order Senn 800S and the Topping DX7 Pro, but would rather not purchase a new source if not necessary. I stream music only. I have an AVM60 which has a digital output and also uses PlayFi for streaming. Would it even work if I ran an optical out from...
  12. Bombadil

    SOLD: Matrix Element i like new

    Original owner, purchased about 2 months ago from licensed distributor (Power Holdings). Looks new and supports hi res audio; reviewed by Amir. $600 and I will pay shipping/paypal fees. Local pickup cash only, zip code 95616.
  13. Bombadil

    Can miniDSP room correction be used with Matrix Streamers?

    I would like to enter the world of room eq with my Matrix Element P unit. Reading the miniDSP site it appears that the source (the streamer) needs to input the signal into the miniDSP unit and then out to the device actually making the music, like an integrated amp. Because the streamer is...
  14. Bombadil

    Streamer output limited by on board DAC?

    I'm struggling to find a streamer that outputs hi res and I'm wondering if the figures published by the manufacturers refer to the analog output or the digital? For example the Sonos Port appears to support up to 24/45 output; but their site does not say if this output is from their analog...
  15. Bombadil

    Do budget streamers support hi res audio?

    I have 3 Sonos Port devices that I use to stream audio. I have subscriptions to Spotify, Qobuz and AMZ HD. Frequently my buddy Sam Adams and I switch back and forth between the services trying to hear a difference in audio quality but alas, i'm never convinced. I prefer Spotify for many...
  16. Bombadil

    ARC sets the crossover at 150 hz. Why?

    I thought I'd share what appears to be my first serious room acoustic problem. The system noted at the bottom is located in a 15 x 20 bedroom; lots of furniture, carpet, queen bed and original shipping boxes for audio stuff. When I ran the ARC program (Genesis) I was very surprised to see how...
  17. Bombadil

    Best phone for streaming audio

    Hi, my understanding from reading is that if you're going to use bluetooth from your phone to another component, then aptX HD is the best codec, and no iphone has this feature. Assuming that is true I am looking to dump my iphone for an android phone assuming most models have aptX HD. I would...
  18. Bombadil

    Anthem on sale until end of month

    Just an FYI; 20% off all anthem stuff. I talked with my dealer and he said it was their annual sale, no new versions that he knew of. So if you're looking for a new AVM 60 or STR product now is the time :)
  19. Bombadil

    3 dead Sonos Ports

    No it's not a drinking song, just an FYI regarding my recent experience with the newish Sonos Port. I bought one, it never worked and was exchanged. I bought another for another system so I ended up with 2 new Ports :) About 3 months after purchase one of them died, just stopped working...
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