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    Diego Maradona: Argentina legend dies aged 60
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    Reference sound pressure level flowchart

    Why use a reference SPL? "The reference listening level is defined as a preferred listening level, produced with a given measuring signal at the reference listening point. It characterizes the acoustic gain of the reproduction channel in order to ensure the same sound pressure level in different...
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    SOLD: Schiit Modi Optical

    EDIT: SOLD Original Schiit Modi with optical input in perfect condition. Works flawlessly and doesn't require drivers. No dents or bruises. Price I'll give a discount if you're willing to perform a level-matched double blind test against a better measuring DAC and post your results on ASR. €50...
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    Soundbars Launch –
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    8k vs 4k and Upscaling: Is 8k Worth the Upgrade? –
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    Gadgets can be hacked to produce 'dangerous' sounds – BBC article
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    Codec ABX testing

    Time for some codec ABX testing. Program material The recordings are 24-bit .wav files with a sample rate of 96 kHz taken directly from the listener training software “Harman How to Listen.” Conversion to MP3 was done using foobar2000 v1.3.16 with LAME 3.100 64bit. Track 1: How Long by Bill...
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    HIFIMAN Jade II Safety Announcement

    Just received a mail from Hifiman containing this: These are the reply videos: I believe the first is a response to this: And the second is a response to this: What do you guys make of it all?
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    Is Headphones Break-in Real? - Study by
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    Audibility thresholds of amp and DAC measurements

    Introduction A recurring theme on ASR is whether or not the various measured qualities of the devices are audible. In this post, I'll present some clear and visual thresholds for when those imperfections can be considered a potentially audible concern. I will not explain the basics of amp/DAC...
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    Topping D50 on Massdrop

    $199.99 Estimated ship date is Nov 26, 2018 PT.
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