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  1. sal

    Effects of Altitude on Speaker Frequency Response

    I'm pretty sure it is settled science that barometric pressure has a direct effect on sound. Might a speaker that measures well in New Orleans not do so well in say Denver, specifically in the bass department? What, if any, are the industry standards for measuring frequency response in speakers...
  2. sal

    What the medical profession has to say about inaudible frequencies

    Interesting read. Take it for what it's worth. Didn't dig too deep into related articles
  3. sal

    MoFi Studiodeck First Impressions

    I recently decided to delve back into the world of vinyl. I had originally purchased a Schiit Sol, only to find it was backordered until April 27th (2021). I go a bit antsy and couldn't wait. Also, I know they have had some production reliability issues in the past and I thought the chances of...
  4. sal

    Used equipment that’s too bad to sell

    So you bought an audio component and it was so bad that you purchased a replacement. It’s so bad that you would feel guilty if you sold it to someone. There it sits in your junk pile. What is it? For me it’s a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC. I bought it used when I didn’t know what I was doing...
  5. sal

    Open Letter to Amir...

    First off, thanks for all the work you're doing! Based off of your measurements, I have made some drastic improvements to my system. I would however like to assemble a list of equipment you should never test in no particular order: For your own safety, never test a turntable or phono...
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