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  1. Tom C

    Super tweeters?

    Thank you. I was wondering about this exact thing.
  2. Tom C

    Is Flat Bass or Harman Bass Better for Mixing on Headphones? (Professional Mixing Engineers Only)

    I’m just a casual observer, didn’t vote, but for the sake of discussion, isn’t it so that from time to time recordings are made in remote locations? I thought headphones were sometimes used for sound checks and mixing in those situations out of necessity.
  3. Tom C

    Is Flat Bass or Harman Bass Better for Mixing on Headphones? (Professional Mixing Engineers Only)

    Honest question: does anybody sell music anymore? If so, what format? I thought everything was streaming these days.
  4. Tom C

    Gold Note PH-1000 Best Phono Preamp?

    Site is DIYHiFi. Where’s the DIY in this? measurements would go a long way in showing this is indeed the finest available in the world today. Without that, it’s just a manufacturer’s claim.
  5. Tom C

    People who use a 10 Band Fixed EQ on their HP's to get their preferred sound, what's your process?

    I’ve so been looking for something like this. I have something similar on an old phone, but couldn’t find anything I could use on my main rig. Can’t wait to try it out!
  6. Tom C

    Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?

    When your first name is negative, you must be bad, right?
  7. Tom C

    Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?

    Actually, when I first started to learn electronics (late 1970’s), we were taught class A has lowest distortion, specifically because of the presence of crossover distortion in AB and B. Class B sounds awful, like the kind of thing that comes out of Radar’s PA horn on MASH, and is just for...
  8. Tom C

    Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?

    This much I understand. But if crossover distortion shows up in the customary tests, then comparing and choosing an amp becomes much simpler, and topology can considered incidental. Just pick the one with the specs that most closely match your needs, and stop worrying about A vs. B vs AB vs...
  9. Tom C

    Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?

    Thank you Don. Very helpful, as always!
  10. Tom C

    Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?

    Please excuse this elementary question. There are different kinds of distortion. Intermodulation distortion is tested separately from total harmonic distortion, for example. What is the test for quantifying crossover distortion? It won’t show up in tests for IMD or THD, right? Or will it?
  11. Tom C

    Douk VU2 Review (VU Meter/Input Selector)

    What a disappointment! This item is a rare find. It’s really a shame it’s so poorly implemented. I guess you could just put it on the desk and use the mike. Or just not connect it.
  12. Tom C

    Ok Guys and Gals,Strat or Les Paul for Rock or Blues,with examples?

    so would you call her choice a Broadcaster, or a single pickup Tele? Tele's my personal favorite, mostly because my hands are small. If you're really good, you probably play what you think sounds the best. Or maybe you just make whatever you play sound good. I always thought Les Paul sounded...
  13. Tom C

    The wealth-building thread

    Uncertainty. Which is the definition of risk. Which is the same as cost.
  14. Tom C

    Any interest in starting a "record listening club"?

    Sounds interesting. You mention ”record.” Are you thinking of vinyl specifically, or any recording format, digital included?
  15. Tom C

    IK Media ARC3

    I'm looking to get more serious about room correction, but I've been procrastinating for a long time because I hate endless fiddling that ends in hopeless frustration. I'm not looking forward to the learning curve for manual systems, and don't look forward to repeating the process for several...
  16. Tom C

    The wealth-building thread

    If I put money into a pyramid scheme (or go to Vegas), I can on average expect to lose. If I put money into the stock market, I can expect to win. That is the difference. Equities are not a zero-sum game. Underlying the ownership certificates are hard assets and real people doing real work...
  17. Tom C

    The wealth-building thread

    This is a classic, read by everyone majoring in finance when I was in business school. I got my MBA from Cal Berkeley. It was an interesting phenomenon when some of the top investment banks went to recruit at the math and physics grad schools . There is a saying that money attracts brains, and...
  18. Tom C

    TV Series Suggestion Please

    I had no idea those were in color!
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