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  1. xykreinov

    No nonsense portable DAP

    I'm looking for a simple DAP with just three priorities in mind: - Battery life - Good UI (preferably has a physical volume knob instead of buttons) - Compatibility with external DACs That's about it. I don't care about sound quality, as I'd be hooking it up with a Qudelix 5k, anyway.
  2. xykreinov

    Best Power Amplifiers under $400?

    I'm looking for the best value power amplifiers, new or used, under $400. Though, I would prefer under $200 if there's something significant. So far, I haven't found anything with both power and SINAD comparable to the Niles SI-275.
  3. xykreinov

    miniDSP UMIK-2 vs. Dayton Audio OmniMic V2

    Hi, I'm looking to get a speaker measurement microphone. But, I am unsure what all the specific benefits/downsides are between the UMIK-2 and OmniMic V2, besides the difference in price and Dayton's software. I would appreciate some help. I likely would not be using Dayton's software, which...
  4. xykreinov

    Help with VIPER4Android

    So, I followed this guide to get a custom parametric eq setting on my phone: Oddly, the vdc file has text. When I put it in the VIPER4ANDROID/DDC folder Viper4android can see the preset. Yet, when I click on my preset, it doesn't do anything. I can choose any of the other headphone presets and...
  5. xykreinov

    Most neutral open-back headphones at any price point

    Requirements with reasons: Open-back ~ Mostly, I'm interested in open-back due to its inherently lessened bass response and ability to let ambient sound in. I'd like to know what's going on around the house without taking my cans off each time I faintly hear some weird noise that could or...
  6. xykreinov

    Parametric EQ options for Linux

    Anyone aware software parametric EQ options for Linux? I am currently using PulseEffects. While its parametric EQ is totally capable for what I need, the program has a bit too much latency for my liking. With balanced out settings to minimize latency while still keeping stutters/pops in check...
  7. xykreinov

    MiniDSP Audio Delay

    About how much audio delay is introduced by the processing of a MiniDSP 2x4 HD? I know it's very very minimal if any- I had an IL-DSP that broke after some rough portable use. Even in rhythm games, if there was more delay, the enhancement proper parametric EQ allowed for more than made up for...
  8. xykreinov

    Active Designs & Their Favorability

    Why are active speaker designs so favorable? Should space be available, why wouldn't you want to have the dac, dsp, and amplification devices be independent of the speaker? This allows for easy upgrades if so desired, as well as more control over the hardware in general; you'll likely choose...
  9. xykreinov

    YouTube and Audio Re-encodes.

    Does YouTube ever keep the master audio of videos for re-encoding? I ask since I've found very old, pre-2010 videos that have opus audio encodes. Are these re-encodes of the original master file, or just encodes of old vorbis/aac audio? I'm curious since it seems only a select few old videos...
  10. xykreinov

    Power Amp Recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my Klipsch RP-41m with a Pioneer SP-BS22-LR and a power amp. Is there anything you'd recommend for the job? I'd like to try to keep it under $200. But, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like competent performance comes cheap in power amps according to various reviews and...
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