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    What's Cooking? Show us Your Plated Food Photos!

    I couldn't find a food photo thread, though I know it has been suggested. Sorry if I missed it. Anyway, I want to see what you're cooking with a brief description. Style points for anything you harvested yourself. I will start: I harvested a boar on Hawaii island a couple weeks ago, and...
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    Sennheiser HD800s cables and Focal Utopia Cables

    I am planning to make some cables for my 2 newest headphones. None of the stock cables suit my preferences. I want a long XLR cable for my HiFi, a short 1/4in cable for my workstation Focusrite Scarlett, and if my Samsung phone can adequately drive them, a short 1/8in cable. I ordered a bunch...
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    Audio Technica AT-OC9XML

    The MM vs MI vs MC thread is getting a bit long, and covers several subtopics on measurements, so I am making this thread to focus on the cartridge I got when I took interest over there. First, I figured a microscope inspection would be a good predecessor to ripping sweeps for measurement...
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    What Headphones Do You Own Ready to Send to Amir for Testing at His Request

    OK, Here's a thread where you can post any headphones you own that you are willing to send to Amir if he wants to test them sometime. Posting them here doesn't necessarily mean you are recommending them for testing, just that you are making them available and are willing to ship them. I'll...
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    Speakers for big room 500 sq. ft. Approx. $2500

    I am thinking about getting a good pair of floor standing speakers for my listening room. I've got 4 Polk Rci85 speakers in the walls. I've also got a stereo setup and can run a pair of Polk TSx550t, 1970 Klipsch HBRs, 1970s Sansui SP2000s, some JBL es30, and other stuff. I've got a bunch of...
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    Measuring Speaker and Headphone Outputs With Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 v3

    I would like to measure the output of some tube amps using my 2i2. I am considering getting an oscilloscope too (<$500), but I don't really know if it will be useful. I am wondering if I have a good dummy load circuit in mind, and how to calculate the values of the series resistors for the...
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