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  1. R

    DAP for desktop??

    There is also the old DP3 from SMSL. I used it myself for a while and didn't find it bad at all. Music purely via Micro SD, PC USB, HDD USB, Lan, Bluetooth and other digital inputs. It also outputs the signal digitally to other DACs. In addition analog out and headphone connection. You have to...
  2. M

    WolfX700 Measurements of Topping Pre90/Ext90 Preamplifier/ Extender

    @JohnYang1997 Is the production of a digital player also planned? Something like S.M.S.L. Dp3 but with Topping quality. I have nothing against S.M.S.L. The Dp3 is a very good product at its price, but I would prefer Topping quality. :-)
  3. dmac6419

    WolfX700 Measurements of Topping Pre90/Ext90 Preamplifier/ Extender

    Quality is on par with SMSL,Topping doesn't make a lot of product and they have made some not so good ones like everyone else
  4. G

    Opinions on Hypex Plate (FusionAMP) Amplifiers?

    ...with a volume control? I was thinking about smsl sd9, but someone confirmed i could not use the rotary knob as volume control, does smsl dp3 or dp5 knob control vokume output in digital? Ideallt, i wid find a device that can play my files on ly hard disk, control volumr by rotary knob and...
  5. pavuol

    SMSL DP5 Music Streamer and DAC Review

    Interestingly, I found a customer review on the Amazon listing for "lower" model SMSL DP3 also complaining about Input switchinch and SW in general: Looks like the HW / SW department of SMSL lacks "balance".. :rolleyes:
  6. BillG

    Is there a device that can send my digital music to my Amp that offers BT remote control and is not a battery powered DAP?

    There are other such devices on the market, but they tend to be ridiculously expensive from "audiophile" brands. I suspect the market is small as the majority of people would probably just use a desk/laptop instead. This may interest you as well:
  7. N

    SMSL M500 DAC and HP Amp Review

    FYI driver v. 4.82 is available on the website now. Download S.M.S.L M200, M300, M400, M500, DP3 Drivers [4.82.0]
  8. D

    SMSL M500 DAC and HP Amp Review

    I advice everyone NOT to use this drivers. Causes audio drops on my M500...
  9. Toku

    SMSL M500 DAC and HP Amp Review

    It's the same as the SU-9 driver that can be downloaded from SMSL's HP.
  10. Clayton_78

    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy? as a DAC? Yes, I'm an amplifier maniac, I have many others, but I currently use the ones I mentioned above. My signal sources are an SMSL DP3 where I play FLAC via external HDD and bluetooth via mobile/notebook (Spotify and etc). I have doubts about the problems presented (freezing, DC...
  11. S

    S.M.S.L DP5 HiFi Network Music Player

    ...test in all possible scenarios of use. And as a processor for a computer, and as a standalone player from USB / HDD media. At least. The previous DP3 player had disastrously low quality code. The guys from HI-BY make a crude product and do not support the devices after six months, a year, two...
  12. maxxevv

    Help with amplifier dac player

    You can take a look at the SMSL DP3 if absolute quality is not the priority. It does what you need except the USB drive part, though it has an SD card option. Plenty of connectivity.
  13. B

    WolfX700 Measurement of SMSL M300 MkII Edition

    OK I found the procedure ine their website but do I need it since I do not use this dac with a PC but with an SMSL DP3 music server.
  14. S

    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy?

    quite Hi, Clayton. Welcome aboard to this thread. Great stuff you've got there. I'm waiting for my Aiyima A07. It is also powered by TPA3255. 1. If you've seen the specs of the DA9, it can handle speakers with impedance of as low as 2 ohms. Your 6 ohms speakers are just fine but they cant draw...
  15. maxxevv

    Matrix Element i

    If SMSL's published specs are accurate, the DP3 should be at least decent measuring.
  16. mi-fu

    Matrix Element i

    This is one of the streamer DACs that I really want to see ASR measurements.
  17. pavuol

    SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II DAC Review

    ...transducer is nice, however, i'd like to see amber LED display with dimming, when you SMSL force us to nitpick ;). Anyway, thumbs up for sending it to Amir & showing other manufacturers the "transparent" way. PS: how about sending a DP3? We need to expand the range of measured types of...
  18. S

    Review and Measurements of Allo DigiOne RPI S/PDIF

    Hello from France, I've actually a Digione Signature and a Smsl dp3 at home, I barely hear no difference between direct usb kernel amanero and the digione signature (rj45) plugged on an Audio GD 19 NOS. With the DP3, it's just another world, the soundstage is wider, yes, but also the voices...
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