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  1. Bombadil

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Clearly the volume control has yet to burn in.
  2. Bombadil

    Minidsp SHD Studio as a preamp

    Damn preamps are demons, especially the Denon demons :eek:
  3. Bombadil

    Parasound 200 Pre Review (DAC, Preamp, Phono)

    The P6 and HINT6 are fully analog, including the bass management section. Second, the STR Pre is irrelevant as it was discontinued ;) that's interesting, thanks. I know the STR has/had a full analog feature but it did not include bass management. The STR series is still listed on their web...
  4. Bombadil

    Parasound 200 Pre Review (DAC, Preamp, Phono)

    The HT Bypass in the Parasound P6 and HINT6 are unique and you won't find them on any other pre amp/integrated amp in the market. How does the Parasound HT bypass differ from that in the Anthem STR preamp?
  5. Bombadil

    High failure rate with Topping products?

    I sympathize, had the same maybe worse experience with Matrix. A lot goes into these purchase decisions and I think we often prioritize initial price too highly. I fully understand that Topping's excellent performance/price combination is hard to pass up. Their reliability may be better or...
  6. Bombadil

    Anthem delays extended

    Just heard from my dealer (IQ Audio in Virginia) that the AVM90 is further delayed, expecting release in 1st quarter of next year. STR components also delayed and perhaps even discontinued. Difficulty in obtaining parts is cited as the primary problem. I've been waiting to update my AVM60...
  7. Bombadil

    Topping preamp

    PLEEZE add a trigger output to the P90 :)
  8. Bombadil

    Topping preamp

    Could not agree more. The Anthem amps have auto sense and it's great but I think they are a minority. All of the other amps I've had require a trigger. Unless there's a sonic detriment to a trigger I cannot fathom why it was left out, certainly the cost savings is far outweighed by lost...
  9. Bombadil

    NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier Review

    Recently purchased and then returned an M33 at a cost of 15% for "restocking". Confess to being foolish buying one given all the concerns. In my case my JLA fathoms would NOT function with the M33 no matter all the tips/tricks I tried, NAD support, dealer support, reading and re reading this...
  10. Bombadil

    Audioengine B-Fi Review (Streamer)

    Thanks for the clarification. We all seem clear on what happens when the digital information "leaves" the streamer and heads for the DAC but exactly what is happening within the transport device is murky to many.
  11. Bombadil

    Audioengine B-Fi Review (Streamer)

    I confess to being confused (nothing new these days lol). I thought when the digital output was used the device was simply a bridge and the output reflected whatever was put in, e.g. spotify premium at 380, Tidal at CD, etc. Thus when using the digital output one streamer was as good as...
  12. Bombadil

    Switching from hybrid to streaming-only

    Yes, only input now is a Node 2i coax out streaming Spotify Premium to Anthem STR preamp(s). That latter is IMHO a superb nerve center for any system, esp those using subs (room correction, bass management, XLR outs for 2 independent sub channels, analog bypass if you want it, other useful...
  13. Bombadil

    Hypex NCore - Yea or Nay?

    I have a pair of March Audio P701 monoblocks, they work perfectly, trigger is standard. Power Output 2 Ohms - 1200 W 4 Ohms - 700 W 8 Ohms - 400 W THD 0.0006% / -104dB (at 6 Watts RMS 8 Ohm Load) Signal To Noise Ratio - 128 dB Output Impedance - 2 mOhms ETI...
  14. Bombadil

    Gold Standard of Stereo Loudspeaker Amplification and DAC?

    I've phased out my big A/B amps, including Macs and STR, in favor of AHBs and most recently a pair of March Audio P701 monos. The latter provide enough power for 99% of us, inaudible distortion/noise, have the wonderful form factor of the AHBs and I paid about $2400 USD for the pair. My gold...
  15. Bombadil

    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    I don't believe there has been any news since the initial review; I am anxious to hear about the AVM 60 and AVM 70 which I believe is in for review.
  16. Bombadil

    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    that makes sense, but check this out (from the Bluesound web site) "Bit-perfect music listening can happen away from your HiFi system with the NODE as your multi-room hub. The award-winning BluOS platform is the only platform in the world that can support up to 64 players, all streaming in...
  17. Bombadil

    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    Tracks with a sampling rate above 48 kHz will be delivered to your Sonos hardware as 16-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC (CD lossless quality)." My point is that the digital output of these streaming products differs. Thank you for pointing out that...
  18. Bombadil

    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    I use the Node2i as a streamer in multiple systems, and the app has been excellent. You can stream any service you like, aptX and Airplay, etc. I never counted on the DAC to be excellent, although at this price i suppose it should be much better than it is. The "nodes" are expensive as simple...
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