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  1. Hotwetrat

    PS Audio speaks

    You'd need a baseline for what is 'correct'
  2. Hotwetrat

    Is Jay talking about Amir?

    I just love how they're exposing themselves and trying to (DESPERATELY) figure out how to address the reality you are continuing to present (as they're being backed into a corner and them completely ignoring these facts is getting 'noticed') while not losing their money, which is based on snake...
  3. Hotwetrat

    Steve Guttenberg compares subjective and objective reviews

    I pretty much always jump straight here, it's why I have a problem with these subjective reviewers now. Trust. I have none. It's their business and that will come before being genuine and honest with a consumer. They make money from something which has no validity and it has no validity for...
  4. Hotwetrat

    A new Dac to improve sound quality from Khadas Tone Board 1

    LMAO these people disgust me. Talking about the E30 I must get my for sale add up.
  5. Hotwetrat

    Mental Health and Audio Perception/Enjoynment

    This has been huge for me
  6. Hotwetrat

    ELAC Unifi Reference teasers

    I'm currently saving up for these for when they are available in the UK but I won't be comfortable pulling the trigger on them until Amir has jammed his nose deep into the port and had a good sniff around
  7. Hotwetrat

    ELAC Unifi Reference teasers

    Oh man is that why when I am watching something like a TV show I sometimes think JEEZ that sounded like it was about 3 feet to the right of the speaker!! I hear it and it's like crazy wow factor for me - it's probably a bad thing I guess but it's very cool when watching stuff.
  8. Hotwetrat

    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    They still don't move I must just not have them up loud enough. I mean the idea of having two in the first place was to be over kill. EDIT: Oh nope I got them to move - I downloaded a sweep from audiocheck starting at 20hz and I can see it vibrate, slightly, but definitely noticeable.
  9. Hotwetrat

    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    They are 100% working but like, the polar opposite of this
  10. Hotwetrat

    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    LOL They really are! ;D And they make some seriously impressive low end! (impressive to me let's say) Are they supposed to move?
  11. Hotwetrat

    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    This is entirely not relevant for this thread but I came accross it and was curious to try these tracks. I had a fiddle with both the tracks with my SVS subs, which I run a bit spicy EQ wise. I took off the grille and thought I would see if the cone moves, which it didn't - I wasn't playing...
  12. Hotwetrat

    Best Guitarists Evah!!!

    UNQUESTIONABLY. As a musician, guitarist, pianist for many years I can say with full confidence Mark is one of the most incredibly gifted artists and guitarists I have ever had the pleasure to watch and hear. Alchemy live, Sultans of Swing. I am very particular about 'Guitarists' and 'Guitar...
  13. Hotwetrat

    What to make of something like this... ? 2 thoughts/questions I have in my mind. 1) Can anyone not feel disappointed when reading this sort of thing on the website of a 'respected' brand such as CA. 2) The motivation bemuses me - we would usually just automatically assume...
  14. Hotwetrat

    Rythmik F12se vs KEF KC62

    This is a seriously informative post
  15. Hotwetrat

    Rythmik F12se vs KEF KC62

    So this is basically me - I don't understand, but I try. So when people talk about 'speed' this is the same as 'articulation' right? Which is basically, attack/decay? Like how fast the driver (amp?) can start and stop? - now, when talking about the ass end of attack/decay, as in, the decay...
  16. Hotwetrat

    ELAC Unifi Reference teasers

    Hello. Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere already but how come all these subjective reviewers have been sent these already (there's a slew of youtube videos about these being thrown at me) but Amir has not? I am only really interested in Audioholics and Amir doing some good measurements...
  17. Hotwetrat

    Dali speakers

    Have you cheked out the Opticon ? (Ikon replacements)
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