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    Linn Sondek LP12

    In the UK there was a very recent programme show the making of this turntable - Made in Britain Series 3 Episode 7: It's at the beginning of the programme.
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    Jimmy McCulloch, Wings Platinum Disc Repair

    The Repair Shop, BBC, one of the items was a Platinum Disc that was given to Wings Guitarist Jimmy McCulloch: (of course this may not be viewable for some)
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    Electrostats and Dust

    Currently I use ribbon/cone box floorstanding speakers in my flat. This flat seems to be rather dusty. The dust is not a sonic issue as far as I can tell. Reading about electrostats it seems dust can be an issue. Quad say in the manual for the ESL 2912 that loudspeakers are protected against...
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    Simple EQ/PEQ software for Desktop PC

    That's all I want! Any suggestions appreciated. I can measure with REW to find what filters I need. I just want a simple software that I can put in these filters so that all PC sound coming through two stereo speakers (no sub) will be corrected. I don't need perfection, just better. Payware is...
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    Members Online

    I've been looking at the 'members online' numbers on a few forums I visit and found the following at this time: What's Best Forum..........104 Pink Fish..............................377 Audio Science Review....417 Steve Hoffmann............2,081 Exciting I know!
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    The Phantom Image

    I've read a bit about this but perhaps not enough! Anyway, a question please. Floyd Toole tells us that there may be a problem with the phantom image as normally created by our brains and two stereo speakers. It suffers from some damage caused by Interaural Crosstalk. This is when the left ear...
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