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  1. Vintage57

    Neumman KH420, again.

    For information only.
  2. Vintage57

    Neumann KH420 studios Just sharing.:)
  3. Vintage57

    Bryston sold

    If you haven’t heard.
  4. Vintage57

    The drums, oh the drums

    I want to start a list of favourite songs to show off kick ass bass drums from a kick ass bass track. Non TR-808 preferred. Subs recommended Elton John, Fantastic album. Curtains at 95-98 dB from LP
  5. Vintage57

    New Performa Beryllium Series of Loudspeakers from Revel–+Hana+Umami+Red+%26+KEF+LS50+Meta+Reviewed&utm_content=HTML
  6. Vintage57

    Neumann MA-1 Automatic monitor alignment
  7. Vintage57

    Bose use Genelec

    Interview with Bose Engineering Manager.:oops:
  8. Vintage57

    Where are the speaker reviews?

    I was a part of the membership that donated funds towards the Klippel measuring device. I was expecting as I’m certain as others were, of a somewhat steady stream of speaker tests. I’m wondering what happened. Is Amir not getting enough product to test? Is the testing process too time...
  9. Vintage57

    ATC SCM 150ASL measurements

    I came access this printout during the move of a study/office. I’m interested in comments on the graph and how it relates to what you have heard when listening to ATC’s I believe it was produced in house by ATC.
  10. Vintage57

    Neumann KH420

    There are a pair for sale on eBay for $7,195. I'm only sharing no knowledge of vendor or interest in transaction
  11. Vintage57

    REW won't accept lower level for testing

    My REW 5.2 Beta 55, will not let me do sweeps at less than 95 dB. This has not always been the case. Previously I used 85 dB with no problems. There must be a setting I'm not considering but I'm not finding it. Would appreciate some ideas on how to set the sweep volume parameters. Thanks in...
  12. Vintage57

    How is the fund raising for the Klippel

    Amirm, it would be good get a quarterly update on how the funds are or are not coming in to assist with the cost of the NFS.
  13. Vintage57

    How many hours a week do you spend just enjoying the music?

    How many hours a week do you spend listening to music. When we’re not in lockdown
  14. Vintage57

    Create a digital Speaker Review Book or link.

    Amir, once you have a few dozen reviews it may be a good idea to offer a version of a digital book, downloadable PDF to members. Possibly for a nominal price. I'm guessing you've thought of this or it's been mentioned however I haven't seen it posted so I'm doing it now.
  15. Vintage57

    Neumann from the inside

    I found this on the website and was impressed with the degree of engineering that can be involved in creating a good product. In this case KH80. Just sharing as a fellow enthusiast. .
  16. Vintage57

    Neumann KH 805 for sale. 2 available.

    I purchased these a few months ago to use with my KH 420’s. it turns out that they are overkill for my small room. The KH 420’s have all the bass I need i have original boxes and manual.
  17. Vintage57

    How long have you owned your current speakers for.

    Curious to how often we change speakers.
  18. Vintage57

    Why don’t ASR members laud Neumann speakers?

    Everything I could find on these speakers especially the Neumann model KH 420 should make them one of the most accurate sound reproduction devices available. The KH 120 and the KH 310 are no slouches in their own right. Granted they are low on the WAF scale however the top shelf specs are...
  19. Vintage57

    Two speakers, one room.

    Here are Dirac Live readings from my listening position of 2 different full range speakers. When you look at these response curves would you choose one over the other?
  20. Vintage57

    Laser alignment tool for speaker placement.

    Does anyone have any information on a laser alignment tool like the one in this review from 20 years ago. Checkpoint is no longer active.
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