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    Tannoy Gold 8 REW Measurements

    The sound was fine. It was the audible hiss that I couldn't stand. I could even hear the hiss from another room if the doors were open. Since then I have had three pairs of Neumann and one pair of Genelec, and their hiss levels are inaudible from 20cm away.
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Are you picking them up locally? How about wrap them with comforters.
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    Comparing & plotting spinoramas
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    Build a Virtual ASR System

    And for subwoofer you can only choose the Rythmik L12, but you can have more than one. ;)
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    SVS SB-2000 Pro vs SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

    My SB-4000 had the same issue. SVS sent me replacement amps and installing the replacement amp at home was quite easy. I can no longer hear the high pitch sound unless I squat down right next to the sub.
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    Topping E30, cannot change volume and use DAC mode at the same time?

    You cannot change volume when using the "DAC Mode", as opposite to using the "Preamp Mode" you can. DAC mode just means the volume is fixed to 0 dB and you cannot change it. This is for when you have the a preamp or headamp connected to the E30, you can adjust the volume on the downstream...
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    Audio Transparency, File Format and Bitrate Survey

    AIFF. Because I can add album cover, etc.
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    Is HD800S worth it over HD600 with 4.5x price difference?

    Just get the HD800S. You might like it for a while and then dislike afterwards, but the HD800S is almost inevitable in one's headphone journey.
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    Neumann KH420 vs Revel PerformaBe F228be or F328be

    How about get the KH420 now and add the KH870 later. This combo is so ugly to the point that is majesty. At least the Neumann combo look consistent as opposite to the halfz-box-half-egg Genelec combo.
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    I love how the MQA logo is a sticker. ;)
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    I like the design of the E and L series. I hope Topping's flagship series in the future, say DX9 Pro Max SE, adapt to this design.
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    Upgrade from LS50's with subs

    For $4000 I would buy three used 708P, which in total would cost me around $3000, and then spend the rest on gears building a mutli channel/upmixing setup.
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    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    That's wild! Where did you buy it from?
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    JBL M2 Reference Master Monitor Review

    That's right, 4367 looks really attractive now. (until it might also measure not as good as what Harman shows.)
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    JBL M2 Reference Master Monitor Review

    Perhaps that's also why Erin found this a little too bright.
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    For Sale No More

    Keeping it.
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    Apple Music EQ Presets, What are they doing?

    I found the classical present works pretty well with AirPods Pro since it lacks extension on both ends. The rock present sounds nearly identical to classical but it's further down the list and I am too lazy to scroll down.
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    Apple Music iPhone EQ Measurements

    Bass Booster all the way to 500Hz LOL
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    Apple Music iPhone EQ Measurements

    I suppose the EQ presents on iPhone are identical to those on the Apple Music (iTunes) app on a computer. Here you can see the 10-band EQ settings or each present. That should give a good idea of what these EQ presents do.
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