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  1. dallasjustice

    Mitch Barnett's New Calibration Service

    @mitchco Mitch Barnett recently launched his Accurate Sound Calibration Service. Mitch has been a great teacher to many. Mitch is a DSP, low frequency optimization and active loudspeaker enthusiast and evangelist. Mitch has written extensively on this topic which includes a complete guide in...
  2. dallasjustice

    Favorite Super Bowl commercials 2019

    Which one is the best? Mine: Vegan Dinner Party!!!!
  3. dallasjustice

    Innerfidelity: New Headphone Measurements

    Innerfidelity will use the Harman method of evaluating headphones.
  4. dallasjustice

    When Does Balanced Matter?

    Benchmark application notes explains why balanced is superior to unbalanced and under what circumstances it really matters.
  5. dallasjustice


    My Samsung Level Overs are held together by a paper binder clip. It’s time. I use headphones for watching YouTube videos and movies. I also listen to a podcasts, audio books and occasionally some music. I also do some work and take calls with headphones. So the mic has to be decent quality...
  6. dallasjustice

    Music to Cry For

    I’m man enough to admit it. I occasionally cry tears of joy or sorrow listening to certain recordings. These are the most spine tingling and emotional pieces in my collection. What are your favorite tear jerkers? I’ll start with the Antonin Dvorak Te Deum: Dvorák: Te Deum; Psalm 149 In Nature's...
  7. dallasjustice

    Long speaker cables/Short ICs vs. Short Speaker Cables/Long ICs

    R/L speakers: JBL M2. Each speaker is active 2 way. So each speaker gets 2 channels. 2 DACs: Lynx Hilo: Output impedance over balanced is 100 ohms. Benchmark DAC3: Output impedance 50 ohms over balanced. 2amps: Both are Benchmark AHB2. Each one outputs 2 channels; one amp outputs both...
  8. dallasjustice

    JBL M2 Audiolense Digital Crossovers w/Subs

    I first became seriously interested in purchasing the JBL M2 when I was with @amirm at CEDIA 2015. I heard the Harman demo room and was shocked at the sound quality I heard. The Harman demo at CEDIA is like waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World with my kids...
  9. dallasjustice

    JBL 4367

    THE blue baffles you want!
  10. dallasjustice

    Benchmark Stack

  11. dallasjustice

    Thiel Out of “Funding”

    I guess you are out of business these days when your “funding” dries up.
  12. dallasjustice

    Luxman M900U 2 Channel Power Amp

    This is a rarity. These don't come up for sale much. I'll be sad to see this one go.
  13. dallasjustice

    Where's Amir?

    Amir, I hope you can update us all on your finds at CES 2018. My request: AKG N90Q
  14. dallasjustice

    Prism Sound Titan

    made by the company that probably made the testing gear your favorite DAC manufacturer uses to test their gear. This is the ultimate 8 in 8 out DAC/ADC with built in mic pres. It also has internal RIAA for you vinyl junkies who want to dump your phono preamp for DSP enhanced vinyl (the only way...
  15. dallasjustice

    Merging NADAC MC-8

    Hot sale on the best MCH DAC. And it’s an ethernet DAC, so it’s super cool!!
  16. dallasjustice

    Perfect Declipper

    There's been a lot of complaining lately about modern recordings. It seems to me the most legitimate of these are those complaints directed at severely clipped audio. Most audiophiles don't listen to this kind of music. I listen to plenty of rock, electronic, dance and metal. I know that...
  17. dallasjustice

    Tidal: 6 Months Left

    Tidal’s cash on hand enough for 6 more months. I can see why Jay-Z was so desperate to flip Tidal as soon as he bought it.
  18. dallasjustice

    World's Quietest Place

    Microsoft Building 87 What does Microsoft do with this? They don't make speakers, right?
  19. dallasjustice

    Klipsch Stadium or . . .

    I am looking for an all in one box solution which can be used inside and also moved outside by the pool when needed. It doesn't need to be weather/water resistant. I want as full range as possible and Bluetooth/airplay reliable. This needs to be wife friendly and also sound decent. I heard a...
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