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  1. SKBubba

    Qobuz lowers price

    Qobuz has lowered US price to $12.99/mo. or $129.99/yr. ($10.83/mo.). Similar reduction for Sublime, $179.99/yr ($15/mo.). Saw somewhere they also announced...
  2. SKBubba

    Apple lossless official announcement Apple Music announces Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos; will bring Lossless Audio to entire catalog The next generation of sound on Apple Music is coming to subscribers June 2021 at no additional cost
  3. SKBubba

    A streaming blast from the past: Roku SoundBridge M1000

    I was rummaging around the other day and found my old streamer, a Roku SoundBridge M1000. This was Roku's first(?) product way back before there was any such thing as video streaming. I got it in 2005, so it's about 16 years old. It is long since abandoned, but I'm guessing if I hooked it up it...
  4. SKBubba

    Playing with REW - What does all this mean?

    Goofing around with REW. Got a UMIK-1 and set everything up. Speakers are refurb'd Klipsch Quartets. Amp is Denon AVR-X3600h. Ran two simple measurements, measuring R+L at the same time, mic placed in the approximate center near listening position. My first question was, are my speakers working...
  5. SKBubba

    Roon 1.8 official announcement, available Feb. 9th
  6. SKBubba

    Inexpensive streamer option This plus a topping d10s would make a nice streamer/roon endpoint for $300.
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