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  1. ahofer

    More news on subjective perceptions from the wine indistry

    Via the Guardian:
  2. ahofer

    Post research here that casts doubt on ASR objectivism

    The prevailing null hypothesis here at ASR can be summarized as follows (I'll edit with any suggestions): There's very little difference between competently designed and adequately powered electronics (amps, DACs, streamers), and nothing audible in electronics that is unmeasurable. Measurement...
  3. ahofer

    New B&O powered speaker

    Looks cool. Slim tower, DSP room adjustments, and what looks like variable dispersion modes. $16,500
  4. ahofer

    The Genetic Science of...Psychic Ability

    The subjectivists are bound to get on this.
  5. ahofer

    Alan Shaw on Anechoic and Simulated Measurements

    The thread is here, for members: After the first post, when Shaw said, among other things: I asked, immediately, what he thought of the Klippel system. For some reason this question was killed by...
  6. ahofer

    But have the cows tried a high quality stereo as an alternative?

    Lovely article in the NY Times about live chamber music for cows. “They come over, and they have preferences”.
  7. ahofer

    Beekhuyzen pretends to invalidate double blind tests

    I wonder if some of our new visitors have been watching this: Amazingly, in twelve minutes, he makes no substantive points, but lobs a bucketful of red herrings, such as discussing medical experiments, confusing the use of controls with double blind protocol, mixing up relative preference and...
  8. ahofer

    Trapped Priors and the Failure of Clear Evidence

    This article goes well beyond the McGurk Effect in describing how biases affect perception. The idea is that subjective impressions just keep reinforcing themselves until the misperception is simply embedded and can’t be...
  9. ahofer

    Yglesias on audiophiles

  10. ahofer

    Electronics-themed art or art made with electronics?

    My youngest son is turning 21. He is studying EE/Computer-Engineering at GWU. He expressed interest in electronics-themed art. Any suggestions?
  11. ahofer

    Multi-port power supply

    Anybody come across a good multi-port power supply for, say, a headphone amp + Raspberry pi? The multiple wall-warts are a pain. Two or more 5v USB ports. I gather a charger is a bad idea. Both devices spec a 3A supply, although they draw a lot less in steady state.
  12. ahofer

    Everyone has that box of cords/cable/interconnects..

    My aim is to have several boxes, with some sort of order. My Raspberry pi habit has added to the mess. 75 Ohm is on its way out. USB A,B,C,lightning, DVI, Micro, Mini, HDMI, micro-HDMI, XLR, RCA, speaker, Cat-5, SD card read/write, power supplies, etc. And extension cords. (yeah, those are...
  13. ahofer

    MQA in Qobuz? Or Roon bug.

    I’ve reloaded it, played something else, and come back. But it keeps doing this.
  14. ahofer

    Qobuz tracks unavailable via Roon

    I get this a lot, with BIS classical, and now this. They keep telling me on Twitter that they are going to fix it soon. But it’s been months.
  15. ahofer

    Recommend you get a Pi-Hole

    I just set one of these up in my network, and I can't recommend it enough. This is basically a black hole for advertising and telemetry requests on your network. The request goes from your device to your router, which uses the pi-hole as a DNS server. The Pi-Hole decides...
  16. ahofer

    Playlist of tracks most played in Audio Showrooms/at Audio Shows

    Anybody seen or put together a playlist of the tracks that are most commonly played to show off high end equipment? Sometimes when I see demos on YouTube I listen to the track. They have certain characteristics in common - very spare (not dense) recording, female vocal, close-miked, breathy...
  17. ahofer

    Rendu/Nucleus claim

    I corresponded with Andrew Gillis of about their products. I told him I didn't think the Rendu was really necessary, and he made the following claim: I'd love to test this assertion. It's annoying that they've discontinued their cheapest product, so I'd have to purchase...
  18. ahofer

    JBL L830 Measurements?

    I've had a pair of these in my weekend house for about eight years. My son bought them to replace a set one of his friends blew out. My subjective impression is they do pretty well, in a difficult acoustic space, and sound pretty decent as we move around (this is a room that absolutely defies...
  19. ahofer

    Noise Reduction and Headphones

    I'm following Amir's decision to do headphone reviews closely. I'm not a big headphone user, partly for fear of hearing loss, but I have a pair of HD 650 (see listening note below) that I use occasionally. I also have some Bose noise cancelling IEM for my phone, that I sometimes use on my PC...
  20. ahofer

    This week in placebos...

    Don’t tell the cable believers.
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