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  1. watchnerd

    Summer Makes My TT Slower?

    My belt drive turntable is running about 1% slower in the summer than in the winter. I don't think the belt can have worn that much in 6 months. Could the warmer days and nights in the house in the summer have made the belt looser?
  2. watchnerd

    Van Den Hul — Going All In?

    I realized today that the tonearm cable for my SME M2-9R is made by Van Den Hul, as is the internal wiring of my speakers. Time to get of this Canare Star Quad from BJC and get something more name brand with some Van Den Hul speaker cables? if I really got obsessive I could get one of their...
  3. watchnerd

    Sorbothane for stand mounts

    So my old speaker adaptor plate for my speaker stands had Sorbothane (or similar) on the speaker facing side, making a sandwich between the bottom of the speakers and the adaptor plate. My new adaptor plate it just bare metal screwed into the bottom of the speakers. No sandwich. I have no...
  4. watchnerd

    Another £350 / $480 LP

    Electric Recording company has announced their latest super priced, super rare, super limited edition LP: I'm crazy / stupid enough that I've paid close to that for 15 IPS tapes, or collectible LPs, but I balk at that...
  5. watchnerd

    Vote: Which Headphones Should I Get Rid Of?

    My headphone shelf only has room for 3 sets of headphones, and now I have 4 1 too many. Most of my listening is through speakers, so headphones are used either for late-night listening or during mix monitoring. RME ADI-2 Pro or Devialet Expert 400 are what drive the cans. Digital...
  6. watchnerd

    Is the Romance of High Fidelity Audio Today Dead?

    "The hobby of high-fidelity is fascinating. You have to understand, this is a singularly individual hobby, like no other. Audiophiles who came ‘of audio age’ in the Golden Era of the 1960’s-1980’s had a relationship with the equipment and aura of audio that simply doesn’t exist today. Certainly...
  7. watchnerd

    How to measure output impedance?

    What's the best way to measure output impedance of a commercially made electronics device? In this case, I want to measure the output impedance of my amp RCA jacks, but I might want to do it for my old headphone amp, too. If I have a DMM, is that enough? Or do I need more equipment? And...
  8. watchnerd

    JBL SA750: Dirac, Class G, Roon Ready, Phono, and REAL KNOBS

    Well that sounds and looks interesting... But I don't even know what Class G is. But it says it's Roon Ready and has a lot of other inputs, including phono: "There’s MQA and Roon Ready support on...
  9. watchnerd

    Class A/AB vs D -- Is it Audible in 2021?

    So if I don't care about heat, cost, size, or efficiency, or SINAD differences that are below the audible threshold.... Is there any real audible difference between Class AB or D? I've read some claim that Class D has "better bass control". Is there any truth to this? I think I've heard...
  10. watchnerd

    rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial Sounds pretty cool. And seems to work with Raspberry Pi. My Devialet volume knob won't feel quite so special now.
  11. watchnerd

    Spectrum Analyzer Recommendations

    I'm looking for some recommendation for a standalone hardware-based (not something that needs to be plugged into a computer) spectrum analyzer suitable for analog audio. This is entirely for hobbyist purposes. Budget in the neighborhood of $800.
  12. watchnerd

    Which Is More Important for Demos -- Quality or Familiarity?

    Which is more important for demos using recordings: Great quality, or familiarity? I have some great recordings that I don't listen to very often because I'm not fond of the performance. So I'm not as familiar with the recording. Conversely, I have some recordings I listen to a lot because I...
  13. watchnerd

    MM vs MI vs MC

    Just for holiday giggles, I swapped out one of the several MCs in my collection (in this case, it was an AT33SA) for the only MM/MI collection, a Nagaoka MP-500. Granted, this is a fairly top end MM/MI, with a boron cantilever, special line contact stylus, and these days, a very high price for...
  14. watchnerd

    EI Transformers vs Toroidal Transformers

    Looking at high end Japanese analog integrated amps, I find it interesting the big stink each of the manufacturers makes in their marketing literature about the type of transformer they use, as opposed to just its rating. Yamaha, as the very first feature in its marketing, touts its toroidal...
  15. watchnerd

    Roon Endpoint + DAC: Small, Good?

    The last time I rolled a Roon endpoint from scratch was about 3-4 years ago. I used a Raspberry Pi, one of the Roon-recommended distros, and a digital IO hat. No DAC. Now I'd like to make a new one, but this time with a DAC built in. Small size and quality is important. No full size PCs or...
  16. watchnerd

    How To Empirically Determine Best Speaker Position?

    Pretty much everything I've ever read over decades about speaker positioning for hi fi stereo amounts to some variation of: --Place the speakers such that the listening seat is at the apex of a triangle --Toe-in according to taste to improve imaging --Don't put too close to the corners, side...
  17. watchnerd

    Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?

    For as long as I can remember, Class A solid state amps were touted as somehow 'sounding better' than AB amps, despite being much hotter and often lower power output for a given size / cost. How much truth is there in this trope? And if it's more of a myth than reality, why bother with the...
  18. watchnerd

    Re-Charging Audio Cables

    I thought I'd make a quick PSA to remind everyone to re-charge their audio cables during the holidays. Nothing tops up a depleted electron supply in your cables like a good annual re-charge. You can use a trickle charger, or, if you have a lot of cable to work through, a quick portable...
  19. watchnerd

    Poll: Best Looking Stereo Integrated Amp

    Okay, I'm going to admit it -- I can't hear the difference between a 96 dB SINAD amp and a 120 dB SINAD amp. And I only need 2 channels. So I might as well buy my next amp purely on cool factor. What looks really good? Power can output can be anything, really, as I can always buy more...
  20. watchnerd

    Dynaudio Heritage Special

    Well, I guess now that JBL is re-issuing / re-imagining things like the JBL L100 Classic, Dynaudio decided to get into the "retro remake" business, too (arguably even more so than the Special 40) with this new Heritage Special:
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