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  1. jackenhack

    Opamp Rolling, Does It Work?

    Many hobbyists like to do "Opamp Rolling", by changing the different opamps in audio gear. There's much discussion on the internet audio forums about the best opamp to use. However, many just read about a specific opamp that is the current flavour of the month and change it willy nilly. When an...
  2. jackenhack

    ESS THD ‘Hump’ Investigation

    THD Hump? Time to decode the setup for the ESS DAC. I don't know if it's correct to post this in this forum thread, or if it's better to start a new thread, please give me a hint. Anyway, I've been interested in what @amirm has called "the ESS hump", where the measurements have a rise in THD...
  3. jackenhack

    Mastering Hall of Shame

    The reason I enjoy this forum so much is because it's so refreshing to have objective measurements compared to the subjective audio forums out there. But it doesn't do any good if you feed the excellent equipment with inferior software, aka music. Here's a pet peeve I have. My son complained...
  4. jackenhack

    Measuring DACs

    Hi! I currently have a QuantAsylum QA-401 Audio Analyzer. I've been using it for testing my current project, a headphone amplifier. I've made a lot of equipment around it to be able to measure lower THD with a super low THD signal generator and a twin-T notch filter. But here's my problem. I...
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