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  1. Xyrium

    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    So many deserved wows in this thread...this thing has to be the darling of the amp market right now. I may have missed it, and need to go back and read, but, metal chassis? Edit: ok alu chassis, plexiglass front? I like it, reminds me of an old guitar amp that I adore.
  2. Xyrium

    Teac S-300HR Review (Speaker)

    Ugh, my tinnitus flared up just looking at the response charts.
  3. Xyrium

    KEF LSX Review (Wireless Speaker)

    In room? Looks reasonable to me!
  4. Xyrium

    Dynaudio Emit M10 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    You can find the speaker reviews in the associated forum, but I would think the Elac DBR line is potentially better. Only you can decide what your preferences are, however. Ie: Ruler flat response but high distortion, excellent vertical dispersion but directivity errors...
  5. Xyrium

    Genelec 8330A Review (Studio Monitor)

    Another good showing by Genelec. I have the 8030c's which seem to measure flatter and have better directivity, albeit slight. It really makes for an easy listening, yet detailed experience, but truly provides an excellent platform to eq. Good stuff!
  6. Xyrium

    Sabaj A10h Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    Very neat little box. Might work well in my guitar rig. Thanks!
  7. Xyrium

    Barefoot Footprint 01 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Hi, welcome aboard.. The search function works for me. What problem are you facing with it? Also, can you edit your post and delete the quoted content? Thanks!
  8. Xyrium

    Impact of AC Distortion & Noise on Audio Equipment

    Sounds like another test is imminent...what type of sine wave are these low cost "true sine" UPSs providing? Just sayin'...:)
  9. Xyrium

    Audioquest Niagara 1200 Review (Power Conditioner/Surge Protector)

    With all due respect, a decent $100 PC power supply is more impressive. :cool:
  10. Xyrium

    Focal Solo6 Be Review (Studio Monitor)

    When I had them, there was zero hiss at 1m.
  11. Xyrium

    Focal Solo6 Be Review (Studio Monitor)

    Thanks for this and the time domain measurements Amir! I had a pair of these years ago, and if the amps in each speaker hadn't died in three years, I'd still have them.
  12. Xyrium

    KEF LSX Review (Wireless Speaker)

    I debated the powered KEF's or the Gennie 8030s, though the 8030s seemed to be more promising at the time (two years ago), so I went with them. I must also add that the grilles on the 8030's have saved their drivers from my, then, 5 year old many times since their purchase. :) Still, KEF is...
  13. Xyrium

    Behringer NX1000D Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    "car stereo standards"... Amir, you make me grin in every review. Thanks to you and the owner, for bringing this one to us!
  14. Xyrium

    Topping D10 Balanced Review (USB DAC)

    Wow, I saw you mention "balanced" outputs and had to do a double take on the rear panel. Genius move Topping, using those TRS connectors to use the same space as RCAs. Thanks Amir!
  15. Xyrium

    Edifier S2000 Pro Review (Powered Monitor)

    Personally, if a snail was attached to the veggies I was about to eat, it would simply fulfill my protein intake. ;) Edit: Aww geez, another good review too, thanks Amir! This was one of those I was considering, just to fulfill my Thiel, slanted baffle yearning.
  16. Xyrium

    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    It's truly unfortunate, because I had some level of respect for GR, even with my minimal exposure to their products, before t(his) silliness.
  17. Xyrium

    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    I'm not sure what the parameters are for his measurements, but if he posts them somewhere, it may be worth a gander. He may also prefer an upward tilt in the HF, perhaps due to hearing loss in that area. Far too many variables to consider in an individual's preference. No distortion...
  18. Xyrium

    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    Amir, I wonder if your sprinkler guy is related to the person who assembled this speaker?
  19. Xyrium

    SMSL SA400 Review (Power Amplifier)

    Meh, as suggested by others, even a low end Hypex solution takes this thing on, perhaps even Icepower. The SNR is borderline terrible due to the noise, and though the sub output, if filtered, is really nice, I'm not feeling it. It seems like a confusing proposition, given it's compact design, I...
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