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  1. beeface

    The Case For AVRs... Am I missing something???

    My shoebox apartment living room is way too small for multichannel audio beyond 3 channels to be feasible. In theory, buying a stereo amplifier for stereo playback means you're not paying for extra stuff you don't need, like 7 amplifier channels. In reality, I'm not sure if it's as simple as...
  2. beeface

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    I'm absolutely opposed to overpaying for cables, but I would not rather use those.
  3. beeface

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    A 1m stereo pair of Audioquest Evergreen RCA cables is 50 USD. Seems reasonable, given they appear to be well made. What would you suggest as an alternative?
  4. beeface

    The wealth-building thread

    Thanks! Yep, live in Australia, and I am 32.
  5. beeface

    Tablet recommendation

    I don't know much about Android tablets these days, unfortunately. How important is portability (ie. do you need something battery-powered)? Wondering if you could also consider a Raspberry Pi + touchscreen setup like this, maybe running Volumio instead...
  6. beeface

    The wealth-building thread

    Anyone want to provide feedback on my retirement fund portfolio?
  7. beeface

    Genelec GLM Review (Room EQ & Setup)

    I don't mind the industrial design, especially in a white or custom finish. I'd concede they're not the prettiest, but there's definitely uglier loudspeakers out there IMO.
  8. beeface

    How did software development become so hard (Windows)???

    If the hardware can be reverse engineered and cloned, I can kinda understand them being a bit paranoid about the software, especially when they sell low volumes yikes
  9. beeface

    Program material for subjective evaluation

    Personally I like to listen to what I ordinarily enjoy listening to. It's hard for me to will myself to listen to music I don't love just for the sake of demoing equipment. A lot of typical audiophile showroom music isn't to my taste, but some of it I don't mind. Harman have a playlist here...
  10. beeface

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    I know, I know, I'm just daydreaming aloud
  11. beeface

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    Following up on this. I understand Amir has contacts at D&M and this would be a relatively niche product, so here's the pitch: group buy funded ASR x Denon processor. :)
  12. beeface

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    I would settle for something more feasible but equally unlikely to ever happen: Denon release a processor that's basically the same as their current receivers but with balanced XLR outputs replacing the amplifiers, and without charging customers extra for the privilege.
  13. beeface

    Espresso, anyone?

    I use a Lelit Combi espresso machine/grinder or a french press. I get coffee from various local speciality coffee roasters, typically a lighter roast single origin.
  14. beeface

    After 40 years... they're abbaaaack!

    I believe the other pair is the TAD Compact Reference One
  15. beeface

    Matrix Audio X-SABRE 3 DAC/Streamer Official Thread

    I don't want to come across as being too critical, but I see a bit of free space on that desk where you could fit more devices
  16. beeface

    Why not more external USB DACs and/or AIOs with MIC in?

    Happy to be corrected, but I'm pretty sure the headphone output would be considered fairly underpowered compared to products from the likes of Topping and SMSL. Obviously there are a tonne of existing products that have the functionality being described, but that isn't the point. Read the OP's...
  17. beeface

    Why not more external USB DACs and/or AIOs with MIC in?

    This is exactly something I would buy. Hope it happens!
  18. beeface

    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    If we're making requests for new Topping products, I think it would be cool to see them make a little audio interface with a mic/line input. I think it would sell quite well with gamers, aspiring streamers, etc. :)
  19. beeface

    Portable Bluetooth speaker?

    RTINGS publish FR charts for Bluetooth speakers and have a comparison tool:
  20. beeface

    AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt Review (Portable Headphone Adapter)

    It isn’t something I’ve got experience with personally, but I’d recommend taking a look at Amir’s reviews on dongles. The Hidizs products are well regarded from memory.
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