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    How to spot good used subwoofers?

    I’m planning to take my multisub game (currently two) to the next level, as it’s the only thing i think is worth the investment at this point. but at the same time I don’t want to pay too much. Looking at Facebook marketplace there are hundreds of subwoofers with prices as low as 20$ going...
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    Apple Music EQ Presets, What are they doing?

    There has been interest in this thread over what the Apple music EQ presets (on iPhone / iOS) are actually doing, in an effort to use them to correct headphone responses without much inconvenience. To access these settings on your iPhone, you simply go to Settings -> Music -> EQ. The EQ is...
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    Why is noise louder at night?

    I remember setting my amplifier's gain to 75 dBSPL @ -30 dBFS during the day and there was no sign of hiss at the listening position. few days later at night the hiss was so glaringly obvious I was completely bamboozled. is it biological or is it the ambient noise of room going down at night?
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    Covering bass traps with a poster, am I doing this right?

    Long story short, my partner purchased a gigantic poster (A0, probably larger) from a famous Champaign house in France. We had a heated argument and the conclusion was that bass traps can only go in the living room as long they're covered by posters (particularly this one). I'm thinking of...
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    SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter Review and measurments-ish

    The Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter is the newest Wireless transmitter from SVS, for those who would like to place their subwoofers (or Speakers) in the optimal location in their room but do not want to extend long meters of cables. It's 200$ USD per Transmitter and Reciever but SVS support has...
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    QX-Over Earphones (2-Way Earphones by Qudelix).

    The Qudelix team (the team behind the Qudelix-5K DAC, DSP and headphone amplifier) is releasing a an earphone for Qudelix-5K next month. it consists of two 8mm dynamic drivers and the digital crossover will be managed by the Qudelix itself. When questioned about the frequency response of...
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    Using a MiniDSP DDRC-24 to integrate 2 subs, best strategy?

    With the way Dirac works in this device is that there are two inputs 'Left' and 'Right' and the correction is applied on these inputs. If I would do mono sub-bass that means that the subwoofers will be corrected twice, once from the left channel and once from the right channel. I could also...
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    Eurovision 2021! Who are you rooting for?

    I expected at least one thread on the biggest musical event in the world but here i am making the first thread. I feel like there are some really really strong entries this year I'm absolutely in love with Maltova's entry this year, it's a eurovision master piece if i ever seen one Portugal...
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    pair of JBL Stage A130 - EUROPE - 2 months used

    Hello, I'm offering a pair of JBL Stage A130 for sale, they have been only used for two months and they're measured by Amir here. The speakers are PHENOMENAL with some EQ, and they have astonsishngly low distortion. The only reason I'm selling them because i don't have enough space behind them...
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    'Hidden' living room build, feedback welcome!

    A living room setup i helped my friend with. Cabinets are made of MDF and were resonating violently. I basically filled the entire cabinet with acoustic foam to reduce SBIR and cabinet resonances. I also plugged the rear port because the boundary gain provides more than enough bass. After...
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    Vinyl is not as bad as I expected.

    I recently upgraded my mother in law's old record player by replacing the old cartridge with an Ortofon 2M blue and using a Cambridge Audio Duo for phono stage. And I have to say it's really not as bad as I expected. the noise floor is very dismissable if you're not listening using headphones...
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    How much space before a speaker port chokes?

    I'm trying to do a flush mount of some speakers I have (or something close to a flush mount) and I was wondering how much space infront does the port requires? What do ports do exactly? and what should I expect if I were to choke a port on a speaker?
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    Why has the loudness war not ended yet?

    I know that this forum is concerned with music reproduction and not necessarily production, but i thought it's a good discussion to have. iTunes has been applying -16 LUFS loudness normalization 'Sound Check' for over a decade now. Youtube and Spotify have had loudness normalization (-12 and...
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    Huge (-10 dB) dip between 200Hz and 300Hz in my room.

    Hello, I have this huge 200Hz to 300Hz dip in my room and I don't really know why or what to do about it. The speakers are measured on this forum, they're flat so I would rule out the speakers. they're rear ported and placed in a bookcase; However, there is more than enough room for the...
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    Why is there no Toslink 2.0?

    I mean Toslink is the most versatile and effective method of digital audio transport even in 2021. It can support long distances with zero hiccups, while HDMI and USB suffers terribly beyond 3 meters. It effectively interrupts ground loops. And prevents noise leakage from other electrical...
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    Optical cables?

    I was wondering if anyone sells short USB optical cables (or extenders) specifically to break ground loops and not bring noise from the host device. It should be 1000 times more useful than your run of the mill snake oil cables. Any suggestions or experiences?
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    We don't talk about Dirac enough in this forum.

    After using the 'focused imaging' arrangement on Dirac 3.0 for a week or so, I'm very very impressed by how well it performs. My bass response sounds better than anything I could achieve (or have achieved) myself manually (or anyone without a proper education on acoustics for that matter). Also...
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    Low pass the highs or Low shelf the lows?

    I'm in a position where my response declines sharply right when the room get dominant (~500 Hz). Going off the FR curve, I need an LS filter with 5 dB to get closer to the Harman in-room target curve. However the moment i boost the base, the modes get further excited, the dips remain dippy and...
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    Power amplifiers with auto turn-on 'sense' feature.

    I'm looking for a power amplifier with little power (~20-30W at 8 ohm) with RCA inputs for a sensitive speaker (93 dB/W). Other than decent objective performance, it has to turn on when signal is being received via the RCA inputs. Feel free to suggest other ways of turning it on; However, none...
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    Akupanel, Snake oil or legitimate?

    there is this company called woodupp that is making some pretty looking acoustic panels called Akupannel. Now it looks fucking awesome and they come in packs of 2.4m height (which is a standard height in architecture too) and I'm really curious about whether this product is something that...
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