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  1. Frank Dernie

    This made me laugh. Not only applicable to HiFi sadly.

    Apparently political :facepalm: WTF has happened to this forum?
  2. Frank Dernie

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I am a morning person and discovered long ago I did not need to actually be awake for the New Year to dawn :), so I went to bed at my normal time in these "stay at home" Tier 4 conditions we are in here in Oxfordshire. Anyway, it was 2021 when I woke, so Happy New Year to all ASR members, young...
  3. Frank Dernie

    Lens corrections equivalent to audio corrections when possible

    For most of my life listening to music and playing around with cameras and lenses have been my principle hobbies. This means I have inevitable supplementary hobbies of HiFi and Photography. Recent posts about equalisation and preference in audio remind me of the similar equivalents I have been...
  4. Frank Dernie

    If you have full range main speakers can a single sub be enough?

    As per the title, can a single sub added to a pair of full range speakers be set up to behave like a system with 3 subs, and if so which software would do it best? I realise in such a system two of the "subs" will have a fixed location.
  5. Frank Dernie

    As promised some Goldmund Reference photos from when I last serviced it. Too much tech alert!

    The pictures are not in any chosen order, just the one the software chose when I loaded them. This is the base with the isolation suspension and the leveling adjusters poking out, the big knurled rings adjust the base height of the isolator. This is the cast "subchassis" with subplatter...
  6. Frank Dernie

    Should HiFi be much less expensive nowadays, because of technology and obsolescence?

    I was just reflecting on my HiFi and some of the modern exasperations and it occurred to me that HiFi kit could and should be much less relatively expensive than it has ever been and, indeed, needs to be. The first thought was that compared to when I was working in the business all the measuring...
  7. Frank Dernie

    So we now have a speaker with >5% distortion which isn't audible subjectively. Is a SINAD of 96dB poor?

    What do people think? My experience tells me the SNR needs to be better than -80dB for it to be inaudible (to me) listening to music and I had accepted the old limit (around for 50 years+) that better than 0.1% distortion (-60dB) was inaudible, which is way worse than easily achieved in...
  8. Frank Dernie

    The difference between recordings exceeds that of the difference between hifi systems

    I have more than one hifi system at home. They differ in sound quality but they are all to my liking, otherwise I wouldn't keep them. I have noticed for years there are bigger differences in SQ between recordings than between my various systems. I was just going through some discs to tidy up and...
  9. Frank Dernie

    I am being reminded once again that the recording quality makes the most difference

    I have noticed it for decades, the quality of recordings varies far more than the difference in SQ of properly engineered bits of kit. If my system is sounding very good it is because I have put on a particularly good recording but it is never clearer than I am experience with a collection of...
  10. Frank Dernie

    Could 8-bit be enough for carrying all the information in a given piece of music?

    First I should apologise for the slightly provocative title. I know human hearing has a dynamic range of ~120dB but the only device I can think of which needs this much would be an environmental noise recorder that you didn't want to miss any sound and didn't want to use an auto gain control...
  11. Frank Dernie

    Wearing headphones when out and about

    A member mentioned in a post about looking odd walking around wearing large headphones. Personally my hearing is a very important for sensing my environment when out and about and I certainly would feel very vulnerable walking on a street wearing headphones yet I see lots of people in towns...
  12. Frank Dernie

    When I worked for Garrard

    @restorer-john suggested I tell some stories about when I worked for Garrard so I have started this thread. It will add to it from time to time so this is just an introduction. I graduated Imperial College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1971 having done an apprenticeship with David...
  13. Frank Dernie

    Can jitter sound “nice”

    Jitter is obviously bad in an objective sense but HiFi News Have given rave reviews to the Metronome Kalista CD player at £32000 and the even more expensive separate Transport/DAC combo at £72000. The jitter measured on the former with CD is 720 psec and the latter 1205 psec. These are very high...
  14. Frank Dernie

    Volume control

    I have noticed several members writing about “full volume” and complaining about distortion there. Back in the day it was normal for an analogue amplifier to yield maximum power at rated input voltage with the volume control around 2 o’clock. This allowed for sources with low output to still be...
  15. Frank Dernie

    60 kg DAC

    I'll just leave this here It wound me up and I don't see why I shouldn't share the exasperation...
  16. Frank Dernie

    The recording has a bigger influence on sound quality than any of our equipment

    I don't know how many others have come to the same conclusion, and how it influences them. When first debating with myself how much better CDs were than LPs back in the 1980s, it seemed to me that since I had some fabulous sounding LPs and some pretty ropey ones, and amongst the first 20 or so...
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