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  1. o2so

    Fixing asymmetric room with absorption panels?

    In my night time configuration, which is just how the room looks like normally, the system and listening position are shifted to the left of the room. I thought I'd try and partially fix the asymmetry with two large panels. Just testing it out now. The subjective impression is that panels take...
  2. o2so

    How important is good speaker design if you have Digital Room Correction

    I could not quite encapsulate the topic I wanted to discuss here in the title, because it is a bit more complex than that. ASR provides incredibly helpful information on - among other things - speaker performance. One of the key elements considered to determine such performance is Frequency...
  3. o2so

    Revel f228be Vs Magico A1 Vs Q Acoustics Concept 500

    This may be the dumbest question I have ever asked but need some last minute feedback for important speaker purchase happening tomorrow. What would you go for, in a room that is 5x3.7x3.5m? Same price for Revels and Magico, but 40% less for Q Acoustics. In all cases I can use a good sub...
  4. o2so

    Room size for Revel 228be

    I have been offered an incredible deal on a pair of Revel 228be. However my room is about 5L * 3.3W * 3.3H m. I listen at a distance of about 2.5m from the speakers I use digital EQ so could control the bass modes easily. I currently run bookshelves (Ls50 Meta) crossed over at 70 Hz to two Svs...
  5. o2so

    Is distortion in electronics meaningful ?

    Quick question. I do not understand why we fuss so much about distortion in a DAC which might be at -100db rather than -130db when the best speakers that have been tested here have second harmonic distortion at around -70db. How does it work, do they sum up? Or because the speakers has...
  6. o2so

    Revel M106 vs M126Be: worth the upgrade?

    Hello I own the Revel M106 and am considering a move to the M126Be. However the price difference is substantial and I am concerned it would bring only minor improvements. I was wondering if anyone who tried both models could share their thoughts Thanks in advance
  7. o2so

    Do tubes make sense in a phono preamp?

    Hello, I bumped into this comment allegedly from David Shaw, from Icon Audio, regarding their PS1 Signature Phono preamp (tube based). I wanted maximum musical detail, but without emphasizing the imperfections through wear, clicks scratches etc. So I could listen through the vinyl medium, not...
  8. o2so

    Balanced vs unbalanced head amp out: power vs distortion

    Hi there, With my Mrspeakers AEON, which are quite hard to drive, I find that my headphone amp (A&K SR15) struggles a bit at high volume (140 out of 150) and the sound becomes distorted. This is using its unbalanced output, which has a 2Vrms declared output ( no load). The amp has also a...
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