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  1. digitalfrost

    Recommendations for Loudness of Internet Audio Streaming and On-Demand Distribution

    Updated recently (August 30th) and supersedes TD1004. I don't think much changed, but this is much easier to read and understand.
  2. digitalfrost

    Does Qtc value matter if we use DSP?

    If taken to extremes you end up with URPS (Under Resonance Principle Subwoofer). I think aside from sensitivity loss and eventual increased distortion, there don't seem to be any downsides.
  3. digitalfrost

    New audio room - shape

    I would avoid integer multiples with regards to the room dimensions, if you can, going for a golden ratio is never wrong. If you build a dedicated room anyway, have you thought about building a single or double bass array? If you have some space...
  4. digitalfrost

    Making my first Hi-Fi setup less bright/warmer

    In terms of house curve, you need to find a balance. In general boosting above 0 is not a good idea, because theoretically it could clip, and so you need to lower the level via preamp. That said, it depends on the circumstances and how you normalize your levels. Personally, I like a treble level...
  5. digitalfrost

    Finding IEM EQ target that resemble the Sennheiser HD600 tonality .

    Here is what happens if you EQ the ER4 to HD600 using the AutoEQ sound signature feature. Seems similar to your results.
  6. digitalfrost

    How did software development become so hard (Windows)???

    I have used LTSC for a long time, but since also game on this system, I had to eventually cave and move to the Semi-Annual Channel. I have to say, with the ability to delay the feature updates for a whole year and the quality updates for a month, I feel much less like a guinea pig than in the...
  7. digitalfrost

    The wealth-building thread

    Speaking of Peter Lynch. I love this talk. I watch it at least once a year. Highly entertaining. Lynch starts speaking around the 9 minute mark.
  8. digitalfrost

    The wealth-building thread

    The problem is, if you don't you're essentially losing money. The low interest rates and the flooding of the market with money which increases asset prices is already in progress, and it means that any $ you currently own buys you less than it did in the past. I can understand not wanting to...
  9. digitalfrost

    Switching from hybrid to streaming-only

    To add to this, if you're into getting the best release or owning multiple relases of the same album, I would highly encourage you to store the catalognumber from the beginning. I write it into the tags, but it's also included in the folder name so I can find releases easily.
  10. digitalfrost

    Please help me understand: active monitors with / without DAC?

    If they have a digital in, you don't. If they only have analog in (that will be most), you do.
  11. digitalfrost

    Switching from hybrid to streaming-only

    I have never owned a CD player. I always used my PC. First I played CDs through the CD-ROM drive, and then when MP3 happened, I quickly started to rip everything. Nowadays with cheap storage I have all my CDs as FLAC.
  12. digitalfrost

    Using filters to improve speaker performance

    If you use DSP for your speakers it is easy to do this, and yes I do. Any bass reflex speaker would benefit from having frequencies below the tuning freq removed, since the air suspension doesn't work there anymore.
  13. digitalfrost

    TV Series Suggestion Please

    The last series that really got me hooked was SEAL Team.
  14. digitalfrost

    Tesla Model 3 Gets Good Reivew

    I drove a Model 3 Long Range, and I can tell you the sound is not good in that car. I mean the stereo is decent, but because of the huge glass roof, there is a lot of reflection inside the car, and high reverbration time. You can notice it immediately when you jump in if you're talking with...
  15. digitalfrost

    Cover me I'm going in! - Post your favorite song covers.

    Lara6683 - Through The Fire And Flames
  16. digitalfrost

    Crossover Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS.

    I think you have to differentiate the software here. dePhonica supports any Windows compatible soundcard. Equalizer APO is EQ/PEQ and crossover software. ^ These can apply created filters. Audiolense a state of the art solution for digital crossovers, frequency correction and true time domain...
  17. digitalfrost

    Crossover Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS.
  18. digitalfrost

    Genelec 8361a vs 8351B with Sub?

    Can we ship Amir with the Klippel? Someone design a shipping case for him.
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