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  1. DonH56

    Interconnect Bandwidth

    <Yet another old, old thread reposted FYI.> I decided to play around with interconnects just a little. Mathematically, that is! First, I checked a number of preamp, amp, and AVR specs (tube and solid state, from Pioneer to Krell and Audio Research) and found a range of around 20 kohms to 100...
  2. DonH56

    Slew Rate

    <Another old thread reposted, hope it is useful.> I have seen a few discussions about slew rate and thought it might be a worthwhile thread. Slew rate is defined as the amount a signal (voltage, current, power, whatever) changes in a given time period. For the math types, it is the first...
  3. DonH56

    Harmonic and Intermodulation Distortion

    This post provides a quick comparison of how a distortion percentage relates to dynamic range in dB. That is, if an amplifier has 1% distortion, what does that mean? How soft (or loud) is 1%? Figure 1 shows a 1 kHz voltage signal with 1% second harmonic distortion (HD2) added. The spectral...
  4. DonH56

    Room Modes

    <Another repost of an old, old thread that may be interesting.> Room interactions are often discussed as one of the primary reasons similar (or even dissimilar) systems sound different. If you read the “Reflections and DACs” thread you saw how reflections and standing waves can interact along a...
  5. DonH56

    Comb Filter Effects

    <This is a repost of an old thread on a timeless subject.> Comb filter effects are a popular topic of discussion among audiophiles (and many others, of course). However, some audiophiles may not have a good concept of what they look like, why they may (or may not) be bad, and what they can do...
  6. DonH56

    Ethan gets interviewed, ASR gets a plug!

    Not sure if this has been posted, but @jtwrace posted a new video blog with Ethan Winer on AV Nirvana: Long but interesting, vintage Ethan. :) - Don Edit -- Aarrgghhh, just saw it was posted...
  7. DonH56

    Amplifier Output Impedance (Damping Factor) and Speakers

    This is a reprint of an article written ca. 2011-2012. I've been meaning to rewrite and update it, but Life and Work keeps getting in the way, so I am reposting the original as-is. Take it for what it's worth, an introductory take on one of the potential causes for differences in sound among...
  8. DonH56

    Bi-amping 101

    This article provides a quick look at how bi-amplification works. The conventional scheme is to split the signal into two frequency bands before the power amplifiers that drive the speakers. The bass (LF) amp sees only LF signals and drives only the LF driver (woofer). The treble (HF) amp sees...
  9. DonH56

    George Segal RIP Missed this. Actually know very little about him, but many years ago I was on the maintenance crew at a summer theater and dance camp in Steamboat Springs, CO for a local (to me then) college in Columbia, MO. I also helped with the horse crew, and...
  10. DonH56

    New line of dif amps from TI

    May be interesting...
  11. DonH56

    Objectivist vs. Subjectivist: The Never-Ending Debates -- Is the Sun Warm?

    In the vein of my ancient "Pet Rock" objectivist vs. subjectivist post, I offer this new post about proving things (or not). O: The sun provides light and warmth. S: Light, yes, I can see that, but not warmth. O: What do you mean? You can feel the warmth, and we can measure it. S: The warmth...
  12. DonH56

    Digital Cable Bandwidth (with eye diagrams)

    Reproduced from an old post in another place and time... Caveats: Most if not all DACs today have their own (asynchronous) clock so jitter on the incoming datastream have little impact on the output bits that get applied directly to the DAC; Jitter or amplitude variations won't cause data loss...
  13. DonH56

    RIP Chick Corea

    Apparently Chick Corea passed away from cancer a couple of days ago, just now made public. What a HUGE loss, at least IMO. - Don
  14. DonH56

    Effect of Speaker Cable Length Mismatch

    The subject of mismatched speaker wires came up recently and I said it could matter due to varying speaker impedance with the wire as a divider from the amplifier. That was based on tests done long, long ago (but in this galaxy). At that time zip cord from maybe 22 down to 18 AWG was pretty...
  15. DonH56

    Bryston Sold

    Read about James Tanner taking over at Bryston today. Numerous other references online...
  16. DonH56

    Your next cables? Cu+CNT

    Copper plus carbon nanotubes. This has been making a lot of press lately...
  17. DonH56

    Yamaha Endorses Headphone Burn-in

    This hit my inbox this morning. I know a bit about electronic component and speaker burn-in but nothing about headphones. Why would it take 40 hours to burn in a set of earbuds or headphones? I would think it would be much less than speakers, or certainly not more than, and despite the hype with...
  18. DonH56

    Mac Davis, Helen Reddy, R.I.P.

    Both Helen Reddy and Mac Davis passed away yesterday, September 29, 2020.
  19. DonH56

    Star Trek Enterprise Model

    First aired September 8, 1966.
  20. DonH56

    A bigger bug...
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