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  1. j_j

    Time resolution of Redbook (16/44) PCM

    Ok, that old BS about "only one sample time resolution" came up again elsewhere. I made the following demonstration to put the screws to that. I generated a 10kHz sine wave at 44.1 kHz sampling rate. The matlab file is attached. I generated 128 discrete phases uniformly split over one cycle...
  2. j_j

    Amir? Perhaps a library of test signals?

    I can contribute some, like distortion buzz tones, "gong" signals, sine waves, narrowband noise, allpass sequences? Also some interchannel measurement things, perhaps. @amirm Not huge storage, but must be either 24 bit or 32 float wave files.
  3. j_j

    Dithering is a Mathematical Process - NOT a psychoacoustic process.

    I have calculated a sine wave of magnitude .4, rounded it, added uniform dither, rounded that, and added tpd, and rounded THAT, i.e. I've set a step size of '1' in the quantizer. The routine that does this will follow in a comment. The photo I'm attaching now has 4 lines. each line shows a...
  4. j_j

    A happy Newtonmas to all and everyone.

    Also Merry Christmas, Joyous Yule, Happy Hannachuh (sp?), Splendid Saturnalia, and whatever else you might prefer. The bird is in the oven, the pie is on the cooling rack, and the wine is ready to open.
  5. j_j

    A warning. There is a new web article going aroud that is a crock of schmidt. It is an absolute crock of excrement of the worst order, showing that the author does not understand any of the following: 1) Information theorem 2) Nyquist theorem 3) Human...
  6. j_j

    Plasma display!

  7. j_j

    Hearing 099

    This coming Wednesday, I will be giving a tutorial on the very basics of human hearing at Digipen as part of the AES local Chapter's activities. You can get more information at This is an updated talk, much like one I did about 10 years ago, but with some new material...
  8. j_j

    An analysis of some tracks, unprocessed, off of CD.

    There are 3 plots in each image. The first is a histogram (red) of the actual samples on the CD. Since the image isn't 65536 wide, the histogram plots largest and smallest in each bin, but the bins are calculated per individual level. The first also includes an upsampled version (blue)...
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