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    Can’t choose an XLR cable

    So I’m looking to ditch my RCA’s and switch over to xlr but can’t decide on a cable to buy. My three choose are as follows -Cable matters premium xlr -GLS xlr patch cables -audioblast 3ft cables the price differences are negligible but I’d rather buy one set and not have to replace them.
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    Is the marantz 7705 terrible?

    So I have the chance to buy a marantz 7705 preprocessor for $1300 to upgrade from my current denon 3400 which is showing it’s age a bit. I know that Amir said that the 7705 is all but absolute garbage, but in real world use, is it? I’ll have it running a 7.2.4 system in a 15X13X8 room. I have 2...
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    Need help pricing an amp!

    I found an outlaw 7125 7 channel amp for sale but I’m not sure what they’re worth these days. The amp is in perfect condition and everything works, but I do know that it’s old. I was thinking to offer the guy maybe $550-$600 and see where it goes. Was hoping someone on here would have a better...
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    Anyone heard of episode amplifiers?

    I can’t find any outlaw 2200 or 2220’s on the used market, so I’m considering something different for my center channel. I can across this episode ea-amp-2d-150a for $160 shipped but can’t seem to find any real reviews or amp Dyno info or anything on it. It claims to push 280 watts in bridged...
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    Outlaw 2200’s seem under driven by my denon.

    Just joined this forum and I’m hoping you guys may be able to help out. I just bought 2 outlaw 2200’s to power my towers in a 7.2 setup. Trying to find a 3rd for my center channel with no luck so far. my issue is this, though....they don’t seem to be powering my towers very well! Before...
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