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  1. Sawdust123

    Audio Jewelry

    Many ears ago, a fellow AES member shared the story of how the founder of an early pioneer in fancy cables came to an AES event and said he was in the business of selling audio jewelry. More recently, the founder of a large pro-sound company was relating to me that his father asked for advice...
  2. Sawdust123

    Bluetooth with aptX-HD

    Bluetooth aptX-HD codec supports 24-bit audio, 48K audio. I am considering buying a BT receiver to add to my stereo in the short term and maybe getting a preamp with BT and network connectivity down the road. It is frustrating that many manufacturers don't advertise which codecs their BT...
  3. Sawdust123

    A really good presentation on grounding

    Bill Whitlock, the former owner of Jensen Transformers is one of the world's leading experts on grounding. I have the good fortune of being friends with him and live close by. We have done many trade shows and presentations together. Here are the slides of a presentation he gave about 7 years...
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