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    Quotable Quotes

    I have $52 in my Paypal account if you're that bored with it.
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    VTV Purifi EVAL1 teardown and rebuild

    Wow, flipping the PSU really helps the AC wiring. Amazing reduction in length. How badly will the DC out get smashed onto the PSU when the lid goes on?
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    Quotable Quotes

    In your case, it has the most important attribute any piece of hardware can: "already paid for."
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    Which Amp for Ohm Walsh 2000 Speakers (100-250 watts/ch stereo for under $1000)

    NC502 from whichever assembler you prefer. Why? NC252/502 are the cleanest amps on the list (unless CDA made big strides with the GaN). Sure, the audible differences are tiny at best, but Ncore does basically nothing wrong, ever. For example, you still won't hear hiss if you switch to more...
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    Which Amp for Ohm Walsh 2000 Speakers (100-250 watts/ch stereo for under $1000)

    Best Class-D value in the USA is ASR's very own Buckeye, and the $650 NC502 would be excellent.
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    Emotiva XPA-DR2 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    You'd really need those last ~3dB to choose this over the ATI Monolith at $1100. Heck, a 5-channel Monolith costs less than a DR2.
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    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    Dunlavy SC-IVs set up on long wall in 13'x18' room, playing CG's & @John Atkinson's Fairfield Four recommendation. After hearing a few tracks in 100% audio room with 1x damping panel, listening to 6' towers, asks, "Where are the speakers?"
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    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    Okay, but is that high compared to Dutch, Genelec, & Kii? I'd say it might be a bargain. @Tom Danley, 28Hz and 100dB and 2.5cuft and CD? Please share any hints you can, because that's seriously impressive.
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    How to best explain dB to non-audio experts?

    You have a large pizza - 16" diameter. But suppose a friend shows up to share it. Then 2 of that guy's friends show up, so each person gets 1/4. When this happens 13 times, your piece of pizza is 1/8" x 1/8", and you have 8192 people sharing the whole thing.
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    How to best explain dB to non-audio experts?

    Remember that regular people simply don't grok BIG numbers. The most important thing is to keep it dead simple. And you'll want a visual aid. Go to the convenience store. Buy Twinkies. Read label to note that a single Twinkie is ~40g. Or trust Wikipedia, as I just did. Remember the visual...
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    Buchardt S400 Speaker Review

    Time/intensity balancing can widen the sweet spot with CD speakers.
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    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    Or, use wide-dispersion speakers, then move freestanding panels near them when you want more focused sound. 4x 4" panels would massively reduce off-axis output above transition, and they'd cost under $1k.
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    More seriously, why isn't the vertical dispersion symmetric? Amir's polar map shows some differences, but it's really obvious in @MZKM's normalized graph.
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    If it doesn't need all that stuff, why did Polk use a removable baffle?
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    Best Guitarists Evah!!!

    Rick Miller's pretty good!
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    Add a mono NCore or find a 3-channel amp?

    Buy another 252, so you still can listen to stereo if one amp craps out.
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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    Make your own decisions, Ed, but I would not want to question others' sobriety unless my own post were impeccably clear. Jumping without segue or context from Stereophile's review of your speaker to ASR's Truth review, well... I apologize in advance if I misunderstood & the speaker does...
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    Review tables are down for all reviews

    FWIW, my Pi-Hole was blocking, which runs the new format.
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