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    So, how would we go about reviewing audio processors?

    Say, an equalizer or compressor. Obviously these are devices that aren't intended to be linear (figure a DAC, ADC, preamp, power amp are all supposed to not add or subtract anything from the signal going through them; an equalizer is designed to do so). What do we measure? EQ curves? Phase...
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    Hedd Type 20 vs KH310

    Moving to one of the two, not sure which. I was on the phone with Vintage King yesterday and their rep said the Hedds were basically "Adam, but better". We know the KH310 is excellent in basically all respects (save maybe for high level bottom octave distortion), but... what do we know about the...
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    ATC P series - thoughts? Specs look solid - THD around -95dB, S/N best case around 100dB down (higher A-weighted, so that says it's mostly mains hum or residual PS noise). Not quite on the same level as an AHB2, but not super far off. Anybody seen...
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    Is Spotify darker than lossless?

    I finally got fed up with Spotify over their awful UI updates and decided to switch over to Tidal. Imagine my surprise when I listen to a song I know extremely well and the Tidal version sounded noticeably different - it's brighter! Well, more accurately, the cymbal wash is much more prominent...
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    ATC and bass roll-off - 3rd order?

    Referencing this review of the SCM25A in Resolution: So... How are they doing this? I was under the impression that ported systems always had a 4th order roll-off just as a matter of how bass reflex works. Maybe I'm...
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    Why did Class H amps never really catch on?

    Seems like they're a general improvement over traditional single-rail Class AB as well as Class G in terms of both efficiency and performance, but they never really seem to have caught on for whatever reason outside of some live sound sub applications. Any reason they seem to be less-than-common...
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    So, why is it that active floor standers are so rare?

    Now that I think about it... I can't think of any floorstanders that aren't passive aside from like, one Dynaudio. Why is that? I can't think of any practical reason to not do so other than audiophiles being oddly wary of anything active.
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    Focal Alpha Evo line - new speakers Looks like Focal dropped an updated version of the Alphas - looks like a slight waveguiding of the tweeter(?), a new woofer ("slatefiber" unwoven carbon fiber vs the polyglass on the original), and class D amps, plus a slightly...
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    So I bought an old Apogee AD/DA...

    Specifically, a Rosetta 200. For 2004, the specs are insanely good (103db SINAD D/A, 105dB A/D). But, I've not been able to find anything on jitter (not that the internal clock matters too much as it'll be clocked to the AES from my ADI-2 Pro FS), filter behavior, IMD, or otherwise. Looks like...
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    Analog active crossovers - advantages vs passive

    Other than the obvious (bi/triamping and smaller, lower cost parts), what advantages do analog active crossovers have? It seems like it doesn't gain a ton vs a passive otherwise.
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    RIP Rupert Neve

    Well, this sucks.
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    Output Frontier (designed by Barefoot) So this is interesting. Coaxial drivers so the directivity is probably excellent and Thomas Barefoot has shown he knows what he's doing, but admittedly a 6.5" aluminum cone crossed at 3kHz makes wonder about breakup in the upper range of the driver.
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    So... what *disadvantages* can waveguides have?

    Obviously we know of the advantages of a waveguide - improves dispersion matching between tweeter and woofer, increases sensitivity around the crossover, and so on - but what disadvantages do they have other than somewhat more complex engineering?
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    Lavry Gold Savitr (new A/D standalone) Specs are overall quite good. Shows some rising distortion with frequency but that's not too surprising, and the specs are quite solid overall.
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    Help me make a decision on nearfield monitors!

    So, I have a line on a pair of Focal Twin6s and Barefoot Footprint01s for a good price used, but I can also get a pair of Dynaudio LYD48s for $1000ish less. So the question is this: Are the Twin6s actually $1000 better than the LYD48s? I'm not in a situation where I can listen to them before...
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    What exactly does Barefoot mean by "Rear waveguide chamber"?

    Barefoot describes something called a "rear waveguide chamber" in their specs for many of their models - what is it, and how exactly does it work compared to a more obvious external waveguide?
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    Anybody have measurements of Focal Twin6s?

    I'm looking at upgrading to these if I can find a pair used. How do they compare to similarly priced counterparts?
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    Passive Radiators vs Ports w/r/t speaker loading at low frequencies

    I think it's pretty well understood here that below the tuning frequency of a port, a driver is totally unloaded (which is part of why distortion goes through the roof at high levels). I haven't been able to find anything via Google about this, so here I am asking my question. Do passive...
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    FS: Focal Shape 65 pair

    Nice speakers, but I'm moving to 3-ways for monitoring duties. Dual passive radiators instead of ports, which I find to behave a bit better at high volume. Asking $1500 shipped CONUS ($1400 if you're local to the Boston, MA area). One's got a ding on a rear corner, but you'll never see it in...
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    How much impact does driver material actually make?

    Lots of speaker manufacturers make a big deal about their driver materials (see: Focal's flax and glass sandwich cones, various aramid woofers, silk vs metal tweeters (and within that aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and of course beryllium), and so on) and ribbon tweeters. What I'm curious about...
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