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    THX vs non-THX amps for HD800s and K7xx/Q701

    I think this is in the wrong forum. @AdamG247 assistance please?
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    Matching Topping Pre90 / 1ET400A / Focal Aria 906 or KEF R3

    Way I see it, I would skip the Pre90 and instead use an RME ADI-2 Pro FS R BE (what a mouthful that is, lol) as a combination DAC and preamp. It also has a 5-band EQ built in, which is quite useful. You'd digitize the turntable, but the RME is by pretty much every account totally transparent (it...
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    Focal Alpha 50 vs. Adam T5V/T7V

    Adams to me sound rather like a cheap "hi-fi" system (think the super-cheap Teac stuff you could buy at like Costco) - scoop, treble tizz, boomy bass. Focals, while certainly not the paragon of flatness, sound more "true-to-life" as it were. As far as reliability, the most flakey ones are the...
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    Rank studio monitors/active speakers you have heard

    That's not the ringing in question. The ringing we're talking about is more breakup modes and uncontrolled resonances than anything else. Metals are way less damped than treated cloth (then again, basically nothing is damped that well). The "rings like a MF at 18khz" is the point here. If that...
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    Natural Sound NS17 Review (Speaker)

    That PIR is bizarre. I've never seen anything like that. That isn't an old school design causing that, that's deliberately designed in!
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Not true. The amps are TDA7293 chip amps, I believe 4 per speaker (1 each tweeter and mid, 2 bridged for woofer). Plus, analog active actually needs more ICs (albeit much cheaper ones, e.g. TL072 or NE5532). Figure you could use some kind of STM32 for DSP and a CS4272 codec (or just use class D...
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    Rank studio monitors/active speakers you have heard

    It's not just titanium, fwiw - it's a composite of titanium and soft fabric, at least to my understanding. The fabric is likely there to damp the resonances of the titanium.
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    MA12070 vs TPA3255 (Scientific Measurements Aside)

    Pretty simple, the TPA3255 is capable of way more output than the MA12070, meaning that at the same output level it's running further from its limits. The MA12070 example board reaches 1% THD (which is way into its clipping "hockey stick") at less than 20 watts into 8 ohms and about 30 into 4...
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    Darlington Labs MM-5 Review (Phono Stage)

    A lot of turntables don't have one built-in, so they need a standalone one. So this is a complicated topic, but long story short too much global NFB can be a bad thing if you implement it wrong - it can introduce artifacts that actually increase distortion and worsen overload recovery. That's...
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    Are corroded monoprice banana plugs still good?

    Usually nickel, if I recall correctly. Or any guitarist. Some of the people I know just eat strings unless they buy stainless strings (which eat frets, unless you get stainless frets).
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    Focal Alpha 50 vs. Adam T5V/T7V

    Focal's low end F3 is generally pretty optimistic - I used to own a pair of Shape 65s which according to them are -3dB at 40hz, but are (according to Sound And Recording DE's measurements) actually -6dB around 45hz - which is a pretty massive difference in terms of bass response! Anyway, I had...
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    [YouTube] The Big Measurement & Listening Mistake Some Hi-Fi Reviewers Make - SoundStage! Real Hi-Fi

    What I will say no matter what is that with speakers I cannot rely solely on measurements . Electronics, sure, they're electronics - we can quantify everything about them easily. Speakers, even well designed ones, are still seriously subject to preference. Speaker measurements at this point for...
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    What is on your workbench right now?

    Latest thing: A Fender 6G15 standalone reverb clone that blew up its power transformer from a shorted tube. This was not helped by the builder using the wrong power transformer (it's supposed to use a 250V 50ma non-center tapped HT winding, not half a 250-0-250 60ma...) which couldn't handle the...
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    Recommend an "entry level" setup

    Nope! The original unit had a defective woofer. The replacement sample was much better. The V2 is even better because it seriously reduced the noise. Frankly any Genelec below the 8030 doesn't make a particularly large amount of sense to me. The 8020 is still only a 4" midwoofer and its limit...
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    [YouTube] The Big Measurement & Listening Mistake Some Hi-Fi Reviewers Make - SoundStage! Real Hi-Fi

    I personally find the pre-measurement listening to be good information. It's a decent way to correlate (or not) measurements to what someone heard - after all, we are listening to speakers at the end of the day, not reading the measurements. Obviously we have to factor in the listeners biases...
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    Recommend an "entry level" setup

    To be honest I'd probably go for Kali IN-8s in that range. They measure decently well, have enough power for reasonably high listening levels, and offer some rudimentary room correction built in. Not unless you get ones like Yamaha HS5s/HS7s/HS8s, which are just terribly tiring to listen to...
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    Dynaudio Core 47 Review (Professional Monitor)

    Its main redeeming factors are that they represent a crappy sounding bass challenged system (much like Auratone 5Cs) and they tell you immediately if something in the midrange is off because of the massive spike.
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    Rank studio monitors/active speakers you have heard

    Seriously. The 120s get SO much louder than the 80s and extend quite a bit lower. Neumann is fairly conservative in their bass extension spec (which is rare, all things considered...), they quote an F3 of 52hz (which is already pretty good for that size of midwoofer!) but 3rd party measurements...
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    Upgrading amp internals

    Replacing the big electrolytics with better ones isn't a bad idea per se, and the neater AC wiring should help keep noise down a little, but otherwise I don't see any reason to make changes.
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