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    Well, THERE's your problem!

    My mother's Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble satellites. I believe they're from the late 1980s, so no surprises here.
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    Everything you always wanted to know about cardioids* (*but were afraid to ask)

    I can't promise this thread will have all that, actually. But I'll start with a few answers to questions from the Buchardt S400 thread, and hope that the ASR members who have theoretical & practical experience also post. There are at least a few of you... AFAIK, Olson's Gradient Loudspeakers...
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    Et tu, PSB?

    We've seen a number of companies release newer speakers that don't measure as well as older models. The latest Soundstage/NRC measurements seem to show this for the PSB Alpha P5 in comparison to the Alpha B1's results from 2006. Although both are similar in price & size (with a 0.75" tweeter &...
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