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    Are there any speakers that output sound essentially indistinguishable from a live performance?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone heard or know of speakers that can output sound that is basically indistinguishable from a live performance if you say walked into the room blindfolded and were asked to decide the sound was coming from speakers or from a live performer? There's an interesting...
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    Best approach to digital room correction?

    Hi, my setup is as follows: PC > RME ADI2 Dac > Adam Sub8 > Hedd Type 20 speakers. Looking for a way to start experimenting with room correction. I suppose using the EQ capabilites of the ADI2 Dac. Any suggestions for how to get started? I'd prefer not to spend much/any money or add any new...
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    Best way to align speakers alongside a 55" LCD monitor (in front, behind, parallel?) And Room treatment?

    My speakers are set up as the diagram indicates. Due to the limitations of my room/space, there isn't much flexibility to move them other than (slightly) further in front of, or further behind, the LCD flat screen they are beside. I can't move them closer to the right wall which I realize would...
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    Why so many subwoofers vs. just one tweeter?

    I watched this review of the Kii 3 Audio BTX It got me thinking about some other really high end systems I've seen, like the Hedd Tower Mains In both of these systems you have at least 4x as many subwoofers vs. tweeters and likely thousands of watts more power going to the subs than the...
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