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  1. twofires

    The New Advent Loudspeaker Review (Vintage Speaker)

    You have to be careful with NS1000s. The woofer magnet was glued on with a glue that has not held up over the decades. A big drop can dislodge them and then the driver is practically a write off unless you find a repairer who really knows what they are looking at. Basically you want to find a...
  2. twofires

    Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt Review (Video)

    Getting better with the YouTuber thumbnail faces I see @amirm. Soon it'll be full facepalming thumbnail and clickbait title like "this manufacturer should be ashamed". :p j/k (but seriously, they should be)
  3. twofires

    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    Quick question: I notice that with a different Soncoz product it wasn't recommended to use both analogue RCA and XLR outputs simultaneously. Is that also the case for the SGD1? I was intending to use XLR out to a power amp and RCA out to a subwoofer.
  4. twofires

    Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review (Closed Headphone)

    Is it the current demand not being met or the lower treble bump that make these sound shrill and painful to me? It seems like they're designed with portability in mind, and yet I find them completely unlistenable straight out of a phone. Meanwhile Audio-Technica's Art Series stuff sounds fine...
  5. twofires

    Why are all tweeters 1 inch in diameter ?

    On the dome midrange, it seems they're alive and well: Wouldn't mind seeing those measured, tbh.
  6. twofires

    GUSTARD H16 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    The important question: Is it pronounced Gus-tard, Goo-stard, or Goo-star?
  7. twofires

    Chord Huei Phono Preamp Review

    I'd really love to see more measurements of the phono stages on integrated amps. We're always told how rubbish they are and that the stand alone units are the only high performance option, but clearly that's not the case. I'd be willing to bet the cost of this unit that the built in MM stage on...
  8. twofires

    Rega Fono MM MK3 Phono Preamp Review

    As an XPS-1 owner I have to say I find the in-line cable scheme a pain in the butt. You either need a shelf deep enough to hide it behind your turntable, or you have this ugly cable sculpture to deal with. I/O at the back of a small box is infinitely preferable. I have the same complaint about...
  9. twofires

    AudioQuest Wind High-end Cable Review

    Made me think of this from Independence Day:
  10. twofires

    Topping A50s Headphone Amplifier Review

    I did have one question, actually @JohnYang1997 if it's okay... I know that powering this with the P50 reduces max output to 2.4w (which I'm fine with) but the P50 details seem to suggest that you can't quite run 2x5V 1A DC + 1x 15V 1A DC off the P50. If I were to try - in my case D50s +...
  11. twofires

    Topping A50s Headphone Amplifier Review

    Awesome. Not sure why everyone is sore it doesn't have balanced in when the partnering DAC (D50s) doesn't have balanced out. It is what it is. If I wanted to pass the signal through to a line input on an integrated amp rather than use it as a preamp, is there a particular spot on the dial I...
  12. twofires

    Crown XLS1002 Pro Amplifier Review

    You mean the little plastic plugs in the binding posts that block banana plugs until you remove them? The trick is supposed to be to turn a wood screw in them a couple of turns and then yank them out. Much easier with those open ended types than with the closed ones that were in the back of my...
  13. twofires

    NAD M28 Seven Channel Power Amplifier Review

    I'm assuming this performance will hold true for the M33 all in one box and the cheaper C298 power amp. Guess that solves my NAD v Benchmark conundrum. This is the main reason I come here. Not for the Class AB trash talk, but because marketing departments shouldn't claim (or hint at) what they...
  14. twofires

    Schiit Vidar Amplifier Review

    Definitely wasn't criticising, more noting that I'd be happy with it if it were mine, but I'm not in a rush to drop the stuff I have either.
  15. twofires

    Schiit Vidar Amplifier Review

    Interesting. Schiit stuff seems to consistently fall into the same category for me, that category being "nice enough to buy if starting from scratch, but not quite nice enough to replace the roughly equivalent gear I've already got". FWIW, I would also like to see some Rotel Class AB stuff in...
  16. twofires

    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    I have to agree on there being something about the Revel line that the KEFs lack. I own KEFs, and have heard a lot of them and thought they were 'good', but a while back I was in a local store and happened to hear some M106s playing. They're something else. I would love to have that 'something...
  17. twofires

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    We are agreeing to the extent that no one is saying Amir's amp is distorting. That was the only agreement I was implying. As for the rest, I get what you're saying, but qualitative data is still data (albeit with a big asterisk) . Get enough of it saying the same thing and that warrants...
  18. twofires

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    As I said, I think that in Amir's case it is the driver being driven beyond its limit, not an amplification issue. We are agreeing there.
  19. twofires

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    The previous amp was just a receiver, and not really rated to handle 3.2ohms min. I realise that minimum isn't in the upper mids, but what I'm wondering is if issues in that lower frequency range caused the woofer to behave in a way that affected the presentation of the upper frequencies, as...
  20. twofires

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    Having previously owned the Q300s, and as a current owner of the Q700's, these results don't surprise me too much, nor does the mention of a strange distortion (somewhere in the upper mids?). They're not a bad speaker, but they're not fantastic. As others have mentioned, I found the distortion...
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