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  1. fredoamigo

    Impact of covid Hifi market

    At the beginning of the pandemic I thought that a lot of brands, small manufacturers would disappear. But I have several bells? the successive confinements would benefit the hifi market and some have never sold as much ... but other opinions are much more pessimistic? Which one and yours ...
  2. fredoamigo

    New 2020 rolling stone ranking of the 500 greatest albums of all time It is one of the most discussed and sometimes questionable rankings ... There are newcomers and others who disappear especially in the first 50 ... as long as my all-time favorite...
  3. fredoamigo

    Munich Hig-hend 2020 show cancelled
  4. fredoamigo

    the circle of confusion will never end ?

    it was while reading a review of Beck's album "Morning Phase" that I came across the interview the chief sound engineer for this album that got a Grammys for that... of course I thought...
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