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  1. martijn86

    Arcam AVR10 Review

    I get the feeling that the target audience of AVR's is not out for refinement. Looking at the marketing of these things, it seems that you buy a bunch of licences from Dolby and DTS and an x-amount of amplifiers. More licences and amplifiers = more money. Quality wise, if it doesn't immediately...
  2. martijn86

    EarMen Donald DAC Review

    At least it's a fitting marketing message.
  3. martijn86

    PreSonus E5 XT Active Speaker Review

    They look like a Mackie with a KRK slot. I had to check their product lines to see if it wasn't a replica. It's definitely targeted at the same audience as the smaller, more affordable 'multi-media' monitors from Mackie and KRK.
  4. martijn86

    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    It would be nice to see a USB-C data + 20v power delivery but I get why they don't use this. For one, USB-C is not as wide spread on existing desktops and second, many USB-C ports can't actually supply as much power as the spec. They range from 0.5W to 100W. So the chance exists that people can...
  5. martijn86

    Onkyo AccuEQ Room EQ Review

    This should not really be advertised as proper correction. This is closer to an automatic 10-band equalizer that just balances the overall response. Hopefully after a while, we can expect a Room EQ round-up when the most popular ones have been tested.
  6. martijn86

    Sony NW-A105 Digital Audio Player Review

    So just out of curiosity I looked up the current asking price for the LG G7 with Quad DAC. Under €150,- you get a smooth android experience with a 109 dB SINAD DAC.
  7. martijn86

    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    I still think they should have added the possibility to tap a point an let you manually type in the center-frequency, bandwidth (Q) and level adjustment.
  8. martijn86

    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    That would require measuring a time span instead of a moment in time. The complexity of that will definitely give a certain Klippel owner a headache.
  9. martijn86

    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    You may want to consider mounting your microphone on a shock mount. Even a cheap universal one like this ( can detach the mic from any vibrations in the floor or tripod.
  10. martijn86

    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    No that's true. I would be very interested to know what caused the bad results but my only ability was to just run the wizard several times at different calibration points and play with the app settings.
  11. martijn86

    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    Everything by ear. However much I can appreciate perfect engineering in my signal chain, eventually my ears need to be satisfied with what comes out of the speakers.
  12. martijn86

    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    I have mixed experiences with Audessey. On my previous speakers, the B&W 683 S2's, the result was very good. If it wasn't for the room EQ, I would have gotten rid of them way earlier. It was essential on those speakers because it brought dynamics and detail to the sound. Dynamic EQ provided some...
  13. martijn86

    Pioneer SC-1222 AVR Review

    :facepalm: At this point it is SO easy for any manufacturer to make an AVR that isn't a complete incompetent disappointment and score high praise on this forum. But until then, if you listen primarily to music, stay away from AVRs. Just get a streamer DAC and a nice amp.
  14. martijn86

    Devialet Expert 200 Amplifier, DAC and Streamer Review

    No amplifier made such an impression on Amirm before. Truly the greatest invention since tubes. Amirm doesn't understand zigzags. Everyone says it. The bestest, highest... Price. Very impressive. The bad reviews are just crying poor people. They're scum! I don't know what I had for breakfast...
  15. martijn86

    Is the hype around SVS subwoofers justified?

    The community around SVS subs seem to find the whole internet-direct concept interesting. They where the go to value for money subs that got recommended on many early hometheatre forums and there the snowball effect took off. SVS's build stratagy seems to be about rigid, compact body's with a...
  16. martijn86

    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    Wow thanks for kicking off subwoofers with the -to me- most interesting brand. To me, the most important thing about a subwoofer for music is the speed at which it can respond. My suggestion for a subwoofer measurement would be to test its ability to track a square wave at E0 (20.602Hz) at a...
  17. martijn86

    Topping E30 DAC Review

    This is a very interesting product! I can imagine a lot of devices that are pretty decent but the internal DAC is just a complete letdown. Bypass almost any internal DAC with this $129 upgrade and it will be an improvement. @amirm Were there ferrite beads on the USB cable used in testing? I...
  18. martijn86

    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    Auch. This was precisely the product I was aiming for. The DAC+streamer+pre-amp is all I need and many either include an amplifier or don't include a pre-amplifier. I've ordered a Yamaha WXC-50, that offers the same feature set, just to play around with until something ~€1000,- comes along on...
  19. martijn86

    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    LOL the engineer just pissed in the snow and said:"Here's your graph! I quit!"
  20. martijn86

    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Official ASR <3.0 annual bonfire? Serious: <4.0 I'd just send them back because they don't meet the expectations set by the marketing materials. =/>4.0 Sign them, bundle it with a high quality print of the measurements and put them up for auction.
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