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    Suitable power supply for Auralic Aries Mini

    I'm going to buy a 2nd hand Mini and I'm debating between these 2 power supplies by iFi: iPower iPower X The 'X' model is €50 more expensive than 'standard'. The question is if I would notice a difference in sound between one and the other, whether using the internal DAC or an external one. I...
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    USB to SPDIF converter for Nvidia Shield Android TV

    I'm looking for a way to connect my Nvidia Shield TV to a Fiio BTA30 Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, so I can transmit stereo audio (up to 24 bit / 96kHz) from the Tidal app running on Shield to this BT adapter/DAC. Since the Shield TV does not have optical/coaxial output (it has only 2 USB 3.0...
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    DAC with display, remote, BT, opt/coax input and warmest sound

    It must have: - Display - Remote control - BT 5.0 receiver or higher, with aptX HD and LDAC support - Optical/coaxial input (for a Compact Disc player), besides USB input for full performance - Warmest sound possible (simulating tube amp sound if possible) - Is Full MQA decoding desirable? (I...
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