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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    I dont care about MQA at all but the side discussion about what can be considered music is interesting to me. I would like your opinion on the possibility of encoding some more experimental music. A poster above already mentioned Ryoji Ikeda. A japanese electronic music artist that is known for...
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Johan, I presume you can use the pi4 wifi as well? No need for an external wifi dongle?
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Thanks for the info. I am tempted...
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Johan, I am using a previous version of the allo Boss, 1.2, with a pi3 and use it with a standard 3A usb C powersupply. Happy with it, works very well. I have a pi4 for multimedia playback, libre elec, that I also use with a USB powersupply. Will a USB powersupply not work with the boss2? I am...
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    Questions on cable lifter measuring

    I conceed. However, because reptiles have higher electrical resistance than amphibians, I still think the impact of my toad on the soundstage was more devastating.
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    Questions on cable lifter measuring

    What is the optimal sag though? Or should we attach the cables to the ceiling for the most sag? I actually forgot to mention amphibians. This morning I had to remove a toad from our living room. True story. It was on its way to my speakers. Since they are very conductive animals I shudder to...
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    Questions on cable lifter measuring

    While the essential role of cables in sound reproduction has been firmly stablished, I feel the functions of cable lifters are much less defined. I would suggest there are four roles that cable lifters must perform. Defining these roles may help us in designing proper scientific testing...
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    Skipping Mains Plugs for Power Amps

    Amateur. Imagine the soundstage after hard wiring directly into the mains.
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    Moode 7.0.0 released

    Thanks will give it a try. Volumio is very stable but is, understandibly, moving towards a paid type platform.
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    Moode 7.0.0 released

    How is the moode app on an android mobile phone? I liked moode but found the app unuseable and am therefore using volumio. I use a Pi3 with allo boss dac, streaming from a NAS over WiFi.
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    Trailer for Denis Villeneuve's Dune

    Word. I ordered the new 4k restoration of the holy mountain and el topo. It just shipped, excited about that. The box is available at abkco, very good value, 4 dvd set plus 2 cd's.
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    PS Audio Noise Harvester AC Cleaner Review

    Fascinating how low the fidelity of the mains electricity is... Would be interesting to see if there are differences with other regions.
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    Speaker Sensitivity: Advertised vs Measured

    A Line suggests a linear relation between the points on the horizontal Axis. These are discrete events and therefore a line is a bit misleading. You could plot the data on an X Y grid. X Axis measured sensitivity, Y Axis advertised sensitivity. This way most speakers will hover around the 45...
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    Some people have no morals

    Websites of manufacturers like SR are a guilty pleasure for me. The descriptions, the pseudo science, it is a wonderful world. However, do the SR products really sell? It cannot be more than a small niche? This thread inspired me to look at the SR stuff again and I think I found the answer...
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    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    Weingut Kirsten! I bought a truckload of their 2015 wines when we visited. Very concentrated wines. I really like their style. Did you have the alte Reben? Wanted to visit again this year to replete our stock but this virus thing halted our annual Mosel holiday.
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    Supersonic Stabilizer?

    I would buy as many as you can afford, put them on the air vents of your equipment to keep the electrons in, and observe the expanding soundstage.
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    Mono, stereo, multi-channel

    I think some digital transfers of the old recordings can be quite good though. I like deep purple, machine head as an example.
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    Mono, stereo, multi-channel

    Cool. I enjoy the occasional far out quad recording. Some Santana recordings have the guitar moving around the channels for instance. I play rips through a raspberry pi and AVR through...
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    Mono, stereo, multi-channel

    It all went down the drain when quadraphonic recordings werd discontinued. To avoid non existing confusion I will adopt the biomedical nomenclature from now on and will call my living room setup dichannel, trichannel if I decide to add a sub. The home theater setup will be referred to as my...
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    Article: Impact of Color on Perception of Loudness

    I think you are right. They show different sessions with varying levels of differences. Why not average all sessions? Likely bcause then there is no significance... Some panels have a very low n rendering statistics meaningless. Note that in the example Amir shows there is only a difference...
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