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  1. thefsb

    What streamer for Amazon Music to Topping D50s?

    The optical input for my D50s is occupied but the coax input is free, and the USB can be free too if the streamer will also play from my digital music collection (available from a MinimServer or SMB). Does an Echo Link do this? At present I have a Raspberry Pi and I can play Tidal (apparently...
  2. thefsb

    Good portable BT boom boxes?

    The recent Klipsch The Three review make me think, are there any portable, battery powered boomboxes with Bluetooth that count as good in ASR's terms?
  3. thefsb

    Are Youtube reviews of audio gear only allowed to be presented by dudes?

    I've been trying to get up to date on the market for mics and audio interfaces and one thing I noticed is that the reviews of equipment on The Tubes of You are all presented by men. No matter what mic or interface I search for, I can scroll and scroll and it's just a parade of dudes. I know...
  4. thefsb

    What's wrong with my Blu-ray Disc player?

    We use a Sony BDP-S3500 to play Netflix DVDs. It is connected to a stereo amp and speakers thus Sony BDP-S3500 —{HDMI}—→ HDMI Switch/Extractor —{TOSLINK}—→ Topping D50s —{RCA cables}—→ Integrated amp (The extractor sends the selected HDMI to an Epson projector.) A week or two ago when we...
  5. thefsb

    Sub for Genelec 1029A pair on a desktop

    I spend a lot of time at my desk which looks like the pictures below. I've used a pair of Genelec 1029A for many years. They are good down to about 70 Hz with nothing below. Recently I've been playing and recording guitar, bass guitar and using software drums and guitar synth so I'd like to hear...
  6. thefsb

    How to add sub(s) to my desktop system

    I have a MOTU M4 connected with 1/4" TRS to XLR cables to old Genelec powered monitors. I'm now producing music involving, among other things, synths and bass guitar, and would like to have some sub bass. Hence I'm thinking of adding a sub. But how? If I were to get a sub like this 12"...
  7. thefsb

    Non-in-ear earbuds, wireless

    I want something for listening to audio books and podcasts when I'm on the go in the neighborhood, e.g. walking the dog. I dislike wearing anything that seals inside the ear canal. As I research products I am frustrated by the lack of information about the in-ear part. Most product marketing...
  8. thefsb

    Phones for more comfortable music work. Suggestions?

    The phones I'm currently using, cheap closed backs (ATH-M20x) are too hot and sweaty. And I don't need or want closed-back, I think I'd prefer to have some environmental sound for long sessions of practice, composition editing and tone-mongering. - cool-running - hours-long comfort -...
  9. thefsb

    Galvanic corrosion in connector contacts

    I recently learned that it may be a bad idea to plug, say, a gold plated 1/4" male TRS into an audio interface and leave it there since the female connector inside the interface is probably nickel plated rather than gold and the contact between the two will cause galvanic corrosion of the...
  10. thefsb

    MiniDSP UMIK-1 microphone alternatives?

    MiniDSP UMIK-1 seems to be so popular here it's like a standard. But at $75 + $22 shipping, there are alternatives such as dbx, PreSonus, Nady, Behringer...
  11. thefsb

    Share your in-room measurements?

    Would it be useful to have a forum thread where we can gather people's in-room frequency response measurements and discuss them? Those who did something to improve their sound based on measurements might also describe what they did and show the results. I think this could be quite interesting...
  12. thefsb

    Running-in speakers

    Where did I read that? What in it makes sense, and how? Is it like running in a new car engine?
  13. thefsb

    How do I switch to mono? Tidal+DAC+monitors

    Sometimes I would prefer to switch to mono. How can I do it? Let's start with a simple system config: computer running Tidal desktop app ->USB-> audio interface (in my case it's MOTO M4) -> powered monitors.
  14. thefsb

    USB ground loop?

    I have a guitar multi-effects device with output connected to a MOTU M4 audio interface, which is connected to powered monitors and headphones. The M4 connects to my computer through a powered USB hub. The M4 does not have its own DC power supply but the FX device and USB hub each have their own...
  15. thefsb

    Behringer P2 In-Ear Monitor Amplifier

    Any experience with it?
  16. thefsb

    Online blind test of 5 amps to test your ear

    I know a lot of ASR members enjoy blind tests and characterizing amplifiers, especially with respect to distortion. So I thought I'd share this wonderful video. Unless you're into the modern electronics for guitar, you probably don't know the devices being compared. In this test they are all...
  17. thefsb

    Remaster abomination: Suicide - Why Be Blue

    I can't understand this at all. The 2005 remaster is drenched in echo/reverb/phaser effects. It's so bad it's like a deliberate joke. And only the remaster is on Tidal or Qobuz. Original: Remaster:
  18. thefsb

    D50s bluetooth pairing

    What's the procedure for pairing on the D50s? I can't figure it out or find any instructions.
  19. thefsb

    Mono, stereo, multi-channel

    Mono is single channel. Stereo is multi-channel. Right?
  20. thefsb

    Pioneer A-401 integrated amp

    I have a Pioneer A-401 with 220 VAC located in Boston MA. Any suggestions how to dispose of it? I'd like it to go to a good home.
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