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    Audiofools turned objectivists or vice-versa?

    What? And are you calling yourself scientist? You are only a religious mob. And the one of the worst. By the way, a became an objectivist from an audiofool. I have lost my good hearing. Simple as that.
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    Does Phase Distortion/Shift Matter in Audio? (no*)

    This is the MAIN problem for High Fidelity. We never know it has high fidelity to...what? We do not know the original recording. So you can use only measurements.
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    Blind test: we have a volunteer!!!

    No, it just means the blind test is a wrong method. You cannot use your fallible ears+brain to prove that your ears+brain is fallible.
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    Blind test: we have a volunteer!!!

    He was able to make a difference between those 2 DACs. I can do a successful blind test between 2 DACs anytime as well. If only I had the time and the patience. I have almost zero ability to concentrate.
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    Blind test: we have a volunteer!!!

    Yes. On SBAF there is a successful blind test between 2 DACs recently.
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    Burn-in testing - real or imaginary?

    Yes, usually you have to burn-in audio devices. Exception: the well measured devices like Jds Atom, they have so bad sound quality as no burn-in helps.
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    JDS Labs Atom DAC+ Review

    Plastic case? Trash. I can buy Fx-Audio Tube-03 for $30 with a metal case. Are Americans thinking they can sell any trash for money?
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    Catalogue of blind tests

    But why do you need blind tests? I cannot understand this. You listen to a cable. What do you hear? Then listen to another cable. And now what do you hear? It is easy as pie. If you taste a very delicious chocolate cake, are you unsure it is delicious or terrible? Are you afraid about that your...
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    Post research here that casts doubt on ASR objectivism

    Very unfortunate you have a bad hearing and cannot hear difference between . . . well anything.
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    Distortion down to -300 dB, what exactly does that mean physically?

    This is a wrong equation. 1 bit = 6 dB<- this is a lie
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    Vinyl conversion to digital - because "ripping" just doesn't sound right.

    I am very tired of this fidelity baloney. Fidelity to what? Nobody knows. May be the original sound engineer does. But, I bet, he has forgotten already. Digital has better fidelity? Then why it sounds like crap? Are you suggesting every record, default, has to be crap quality or what?
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    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Loxjie P20 has more enjoyable sound for the same price. MCTH has much, much better sound quality for $175
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    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Best: Fx-Audio Tube-03 Worst: Jds Labs Atom
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    Why Are Audiophiles so Bound and Determined to Make Others Waste Money

    Yes I am tired of audiophiles who always recommend some audiofool crap. Like Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac YT video
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    Why are headphone amplifiers still so important to audiophiles?

    First of all, blind test is a wrong method. You cannot use your fallible ears+brain to prove something.
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    Thank you very much! After a long hesitation i have bought the Tube-03. It is great! It adds more musical, pleasant, clearer and detailed sound to the Atom.
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    Digital vs Vinyl

    Vinyl ha bigger dynamic range if you listen to it. There is some confusion about the 1 bit = 6 dB rule, which is incredibly wrong. So CD has no 96 dB because of the 16 bit.
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    Thanks! I will roll tubes and opamps and capacitors with it! :cool:
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    Yes. I am using this TUBE-03 before my Jds Atom amp. And the sound became clearer, more detailed and more pleasant. How is that possible?
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    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    Good for you! You have a good hearing. Be happy.
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